Month – September 2014

Install ESXI 5.5 LSI_MR3.V00 card solution on HP servers

Recently made virtualization-related learning,HP's server is at hand,While not dedicated virtual servers,But it can also be used to install ESXi experiment。

But the problem came,During the installationESXi5.1When completely normal server installation ESXi5.5 but always get stuck inlsi_mr3.v00Here,Result was the installation program can not be。



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Windows Server 2008 R2 of Sysprep.exe

Many times we need to reset the Windows operating system,As a server version,More often encounter this demand,This time many students will go online to find the official Microsoft support toolssysprep

inWindows 2k8 r2among,In fact already comes with this tool,You do not need to go online to download。

You just need to goWindowsLooking to the folder ~


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Windows 8.1 "The language pack is not available" solution


Many of my friends upgradeWindows 8.1After the system,Previously found various functions are not the same。Now I have a classmate went to Taiwan to do the exchange students,When switching system language has encountered "Language packs can not be used"Strange situation,Then,Let's take a look at how to solve this problem。

Solution - Manual install

originalWindows 8.1 does not automatically have to install the language[……]

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4929090A Gmail account password leak!

Although the cause of the leakGoogle itself does not come from a server intrusion,(The official also did not acknowledge being hacked and flawed) butFrom phishing attacks,But anyway now 4929090 A Gmail account password has been disclosedIn the network,This is nearly five million the number of ah! Other,They claim that the inside is still Liucheng is still valid,All told,That is, more than three million, right?

Even if there is stop-step verification[……]

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Do you like to read it? Buy mini rabbit does not know how to use? If you are a university student,Let me give you some advice!

This is my article published Wei Feng,Badly written,But seal the glaze is still praised Canada for this,This article makes long hung on the first page of the section of the mini rabbit ~ so ...... XD I'll come back to your own blog,In order to allow more people to see,Ah ...... This is the essence of a perfect school ~

As an undergraduate Luzhu,Especially in this type of a variety of professional engineering books we understand,Usually I like to read books and newspapers,so…[……]

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It can automatically recommend a summary intercept plugin WP-UTF8-Excerpt

Plug-ins Introduction:

WordPress comes digest function only supports Western characters,WordPress plug-ins or other summary was bad for Chinese support,Easily garbled;Either the original removed all formats,Leaving only bare text。This plug-in is a summary of plug-ins for Chinese,You can set whether to preserve the formatting tags article,Such as font、Colour、link、Pictures。

main feature:

1,Support multi[……]

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