Avoid WordPress being used as a reflection amplification attack

Before I wrote an article,Use fail2ban Bind9 be used to prevent DNS amplification attacks,Never imagined,original Wordpress It can also be used for amplification attacks,The principle is its Pingback mechanism。

Pingback is a tool for notifying each other of a Wordpress website,For example, A blog refers to a B blog[……]

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WordPress automatically add copyright text and text link

Blog post past few days has been grabbed someone else take,Though Contact Webmaster and communication to solve,But I still have to reflect on their own,The body of the article did not add article link,Cause even if people can not get crawled pingback ......


In short,Search a pass,There seems to be a plug-in before you can step (I happen to be the kind of person like a lot of plug-ins),Called "Add Post URL",But this plug[……]

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Use Mailgun create your free domain mail

This article now has expired,Because Mailgun no longer offer free credit,And the necessary functions used herein, "recipient routing" feature set for advanced users no longer offer free,I changed the site to achieve another domain mail,see:When Mailgun no longer free,How do you placed your domain mail?

Creating a website is easy,But there should own a domain name and e-mail address associated Domain Mail[……]

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I commemorate the dead people is how to make blog global black and white?


Here the record about how I did it so that blog suddenly becomes black and white,Go one by one and replaced with a modified theme picture element must be a terrible way,I, of course, is global css style files,Use css itself functions can be realized black and white gray scale rendering。

Add the following code in Wordpress theme built additional css saved to take effect,If you are a static website,Then put the phrase[……]

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Optimization of WordPress comment reply notifications

in most cases,We are accustomed to using Wordpress comes with the comment system,Although it's not intended to make people - after all,,Third-party commenting system it is difficult to accept。

Relatively good third party to say it is disgusting;The foreign system several good reviews and very inconvenient to use China,In general,Wordpress comment system still comes with the best。

Then,Speaking Wor[……]

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Disable WordPress inside Emoji static

Now Wordpress stand by emoticon The,But supportive manner somewhat ...... 2,Yes,To make it more browsers and platforms can display Emoji expression,Emoji expression will automatically be converted to static images face。

Then in order to expand? In short it again this static mapping image edition bag on a face to go public library is the callback ......,Wordpress domain:[……]

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WordPress Forgot your password message "Sorry,The key appears to be invalid. "

The new registration process has changed Wordpress,It does not require users to enter their own password to apply for registration,But in turn sent to the user's mailbox password recovery link。

This has the advantage of avoiding some of the security risks associated with the mailbox but also the way。but,This has been further requirements for building Wordpress bloggers these technologies,such as:

You need to configure their own mailbox - if you do not provide space Post[……]

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WordPress Chinese users to upgrade 4.3 Backstage after the problem is solved

In the previous article in which I Tucao own stupidity,But then I successfully solved the problem。

Now look at how to do it


First Symptoms,Chinese version of Wordpress (especially upgrading from an older version all the way up) users to upgrade to 4.3 You may encounter backstage after the editor can not switch the "Visualization" and "text" mode,"Add Media" button is disabled,Code highlighting plug[……]

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