Month – January 2013

Windows automatically maintained kill 8!

Windows 8 will automatically set the so-called maintenance time and free time,This allows even installed in a virtual machine using Windows 8, I can not stand。

Always quick fan blew up,This is sometimes used battery run books for me as people really bear in mind one。

In fact, I think,This is the background quietly perform maintenance or housekeeping so-called medical system 360,By the way do not tell you finished[……]

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About Cisco router% Pool globalnet in use, can not destroy solutions

In the study CCNA related courses NAT Network Address Translation content,When the practice often requires no out a dynamic NAT or PAT address pool

Cisco IOS NAT table as long as the provision of translation entries have included the address of the address pool,You will be able to modify or delete the address pool。

at this time,You enter

(config)# no ip nat pool pool_name


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In OS X Perfect uninstaller .pkg installation package that discussion

All to known,In OS X,There are two kinds of software installation package,One is all the;another,It is to install more trouble.pkg.

As long as the majority of the former, then dragged "application"The can be used normally,Belongs to us often say "green software”,While the latter,You'll need to double-click,start upinstallerInstall,But also you need to enter a password to give permission,Of course,There are many such applications,Need[……]

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