Month – August 2017

Face coronasdk physics engine

Development on mobile phone,Currently popular on the network mainly two development software,Is a well-known unity (after all, the year 4399 above the game online edition of Minecraft developed by it,3d engine without any software beyond it),Another is the relatively small minority of the cocos。cocos occupy a major position 2d game,And unity has occupied a major position 3d game。And we are talking about cor[……]

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Development plate reader serial Android Andrews

Recently received a project,Demand is to do a special project Andrews board serial read and write in order to achieve some specific external devices to interact with - yes you read right,Andrews is also a board can have serial port!

Many friends do mobile development may not come into contact with - in fact, before I did not come into contact with。He stepped on seven or eight hours a pit,Finally climb out,Here to do a summary,Each board may project different circumstances,We must improvise。[……]

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