Development plate reader serial Android Andrews

Recently received a project,Demand is to do a special project Andrews board serial read and write in order to achieve some specific external devices to interact with - yes you read right,Andrews is also a board can have serial port!

Many friends do mobile development may not come into contact with - in fact, before I did not come into contact with。He stepped on seven or eight hours a pit,Finally climb out,Here to do a summary,Each board may project different circumstances,We must improvise。[……]

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Exception in thread “main” java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0

When you learn Java,Some details of the small problems tend to be very confusing,When in receive parameters, for example。

If your program needs to receive arguments in order to run,And you did not give the default parameters,That can cause this error:

For example, your code is:

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Reprint:Multi-paradigm programming language-an example of Swift

The original from InfoQ,Author Guo Lin

Based on the Swift case study of language,Introduction what is a multi-paradigm programming language;Also introduces several of today's more popular programming paradigm,Worth a read。Collection,Original linkIn this

Swift programming paradigm

Programming paradigm is the idea behind the program language。Representing programming language designers believe that how the program should be built and implemented。Common programming paradigm:[……]

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Talk about MVC and software development of SoC

No matter what language you are learning,Will probably encounter a called MVC concept,It is a program development model,"Isolation and show" as the core,In the hierarchical framework has a great influence。

MVC Is a shorthand,Three uppercase letters corresponding to Model View and Controller

Now we create a application software,Many cases will bring[……]

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'Javac' is not an internal or external command solutions

These days began playing with a BlackBerry,Engineering mode,Java development environment is installed on the computer,But always after the installation prompts

'javac’ Not an internal or external command balabalabala ... ...

Google ~ solution:

  1. Right-computer--> Properties-> The left side of the "advanced system settings"-> The "Advanced" option[……]

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