Seven reasons to switch from Gmail to iCloud

Unknowingly,From that day to sign up for Gmail,Six or seven years now been the scene。Vaguely remember that time not yet Google+;Then there is Google Reader。

Later, my friend bought a G1,Then I put my generous to his Gmail account to use the address book。

after that,This account has returned to my hands,I used the two accompanying[……]

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How to improve the efficiency of learning ?

Sure someone will ask to see the title,Such themes are written,Baidu search a lot,The author is not never used the Internet,Or he certainly forgot to take medicine today。

We do not worry,Look me explain。

Now the Internet search about "how to improve learning efficiency.",Some provisions mostly get myself in the morning,How long learning,Some noon meal….and many more。

We found no,This is just a day's rest consider themselves successful[……]

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ShadowSocks build servers on vps


now,With gfw upgrade we need more and more scientific grounds Internet,But the most common VPN speed is getting slower and slower because of interference,For now,SS is a good alternative to。Now that you have your own vps,You may wish to use it to give yourself easily build a server SS。


Since the routing system is Ubuntu vps,I will be using the command on Ubuntu[……]

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On Ubuntu vps and other OS's seven-step build pptp protocol VPN

After getting a vps you may need to get a stable environment as soon as possible scientific,Method uses "earth move" and is a good choice (VPN)

Of course,Now we know everything Policy,GFW has now started to begin to interfere with VPN,So this is not based VPN pptp protocol of a long-term approach (which is a bit l2tp goods relative speed is faster in terms of speed)。

All right,In short,Based on the VP pptp[……]

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Those proxy Google search engine

We do not know when to begin - and then later people will probably forget this is called the Best of Google search engine in the world, right ......

In short,Today, the route to pain free eggs rolled 'Traffic statistics',Then I found found a lot to do domesticGoogle search based on cross-borderThe results of the search engine,Then the Internet Google A bit(Ironic)Really found a lot!


Ok,Although I[……]

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Firefox:No longer trust the new certificate CNNIC

Article translated from Mozilla blogoriginal。I Caishuxueqian,Omissions are inevitable if the error message welcome treatise!

Last week, Mozilla NoticeOne called CNNIC Intermediate Certificate Authority issued a certificate unfettered,Domain name then this certificate will be used to give the recipient does not have control over the domain name or a certificate (for example,:Middle attack)。We call this intermediate certificate added to the fire[……]

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Google announced that its full line of products no longer recognize the CNNIC root certificate (Bo translation)

In late March,A sudden storm swept through the network that Han Han that several countries ...... summary,Google on March 23 published an article on the issue of the certificate Bowen,Directed at CNNIC,1 Update again this month,And made clear the attitude of the CNNIC,Routing can not personally comment on this matter,Just translate the original article here,A standard content can not say, but at least on a lot better than the line translator when you practice it ..................[……]

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Brush OpenWRT routers use a transparent proxy ShadowSocks Advanced Configuration

Speaking on how the articleInstall SHADOWSOCKS on OPENWRT to use transparent proxy + DNS poisoning,But finished only configuration orThere are many drawbacksof。

For example, the block list is dead,The ever-changing Internet content,I'm afraid you could not pass a list of a few weeks out of date;

For example, software updates,You can not always bother to manually upload,scp ...... blah blah blah ......[……]

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Long time no update Kali? GPG error KEYEXPIRED 1425567400

A long time did not update kali,Today, taking advantage of the updated virtual machine,We want to open the system with a new look,The results did not expect to encounter the problem of FIG.。

First, use the GUI to update occurred 404,Then use apt-get the error key expires。

Ok,At all events,This is not a conflict deb,Nor is the source could not be parsed,You need to do is update the key。

Use the following commands to a new[……]

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