Month – September 2016

Swift 3 GCD

Xcode 8 Official version has been released,I want the first time my project to the Swift 3 --After all, this is a trend。

During the migration process, I encountered a lot of problems--such as Xcode provides automated migration tool is not working,I've been waiting for more than two hours,after that I give up,I chose to manually migrate--after all,,Xcode's auto-correction is also very good。


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Swift UIButton cornerRadius + shadow

Most of the time,We all want the button design style more in line with iOS,This will make the application interface does not look so jump,Even if the design does not look good,Nor was incompatible with the system。

"I'm not a designer,I don't know how to design beautiful style-but as close as possible to the system is not a wrong choice。 ” —— by Router

So it is for UIButton,Rounded corners + shadow should be the norm。[……]

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OwnCloud build private clouds with personal

Background account

According to regulations of the country,All network disk must be reviewed! (Probably because too much goddess,You know = _ =),Then have stopped most of the network disk service,Now only some of the big manufacturers still operating in the cloud。but,You keep to a certain degree in the cloud all the information must be subject to review (the goddess of the film becomes 15 seconds educational films,It is light;If you say dang good,Or to save the file to a similar degree in the cloud,Tomorrow will be[……]

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iOS custom keyboard around the keyboard to move the cursor implement

Until we are,For example, third-party input method Sogou input method has a classic gesture - paddling around on the keyboard to move the cursor。And this feature I am also very common,So,I want to implement it yourself。

The first thing I think of is UISwipeGestureRecognizer ,However, with predictable results,Paddling can only move the cursor one space,This is not what I want[……]

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