Month – April 2015

WordPress Open full stop HTTPS

since CNNIC After the certificate issued by the sub-middle attack occurred in these events,SSL Connection and HTTPS Becoming more popular。This time we 'Use SSL to protect your login information, and background page"Into the recommended"SSL Everywhere”,Using global SSL encryption,Avoid disclosure of privacy caused by the user when accessing the page。And,According to Google Webmaster most[……]

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WordPress Editor to increase the Chinese font TinyMCE Advanced plugin

WordPress is a very popular blog system,The advantage is to be used to make full-featured CMS ......

But the disadvantage Well,May be too simple editor is one of the background。

Although it supports the Chinese do very well,But for this one editor,I am afraid it is not so tough。For example, not criticized for our common font options,Nor can you change the text size,Instead, it is the title Ratings,Make[……]

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WP Smush automatic image lossless compression

You must have heard of the picture compression technology,Otherwise you will not care about this issue。Yes,Saying about a picture is worth a thousand words,How to write a blog with pictures can not do? but,Once the distribution map,It will definitely increase the traffic load on a single page - which delayed the loading time from the side of your page。

In today's blog mostly independent "Liuyang"in the case of,Load flow more 1KB,You may have to allow your browser to turn on a half-day chrysanthemum。Many of my friends have turned cd[……]

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On the forward proxy reverse proxy transparent proxy

Generally, we Internet,It is to plug the Internet cable,Dial need at most。However, in the enterprise network application environment may have more complex,This is a general home network can not understand。So,Acting this feature came into being。

Agent name suggests is your place to visit you can not access resources。

Defined on Wikipedia is this:

Agent (English:Proxy),Also known as the Network Agent,It is a special network services,[……]

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Seven reasons to switch from Gmail to iCloud

Unknowingly,From that day to sign up for Gmail,Six or seven years now been the scene。Vaguely remember that time not yet Google+;Then there is Google Reader。

Later, my friend bought a G1,Then I put my generous to his Gmail account to use the address book。

after that,This account has returned to my hands,I used the two accompanying[……]

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How to improve the efficiency of learning ?

Sure someone will ask to see the title,Such themes are written,Baidu search a lot,The author is not never used the Internet,Or he certainly forgot to take medicine today。

We do not worry,Look me explain。

Now the Internet search about "how to improve learning efficiency.",Some provisions mostly get myself in the morning,How long learning,Some noon meal….and many more。

We found no,This is just a day's rest consider themselves successful[……]

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ShadowSocks build servers on vps


now,With gfw upgrade we need more and more scientific grounds Internet,But the most common VPN speed is getting slower and slower because of interference,For now,SS is a good alternative to。Now that you have your own vps,You may wish to use it to give yourself easily build a server SS。


Since the routing system is Ubuntu vps,I will be using the command on Ubuntu[……]

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When SSH encounters "Write failed: Broken pipe”

When the management server using SSH,If you are a long time without having to log on,Then it is likely that awaits you is

"Write failed: Broken pipe”

Cause the cause of this error is the result of SSH link has been idle too long,So,SSH we need to change the default configuration to have it automatically turn off link。

In the SSH configuration,There are two commands to do this function,[……]

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What is VPN?

Before routing wrote aboutHow to quickly build pptp VPN based on vpsArticles,But it seems there are still many people do not know exactly what that VPN,Then this article I am 818 devoted to the VPN in the end is what!

Speaking VPN,We still want to talk about the 1990s,Then this concept can not VPN,Companies to the Internet,To purchase a dedicated line (Line relates to the content of my[……]

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