Let iTrem 2 + zsh startup no longer wait!

iTerm as a built-in terminal mac alternatives really handy,Multi-function、Interface is also nice。Skin with zsh +,Since then, the terminal also beautiful (thematic map)。

but,zsh is always very slow start,Although the content before each start input is still not lost,But always waiting is not a thing (to tell the truth,I have endured so many years ......)

In short,In fact, this problem can be solved[……]

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Let go SSH proxy server connection

Many network operation and maintenance、Or owners need to manage the server via ssh、vps,If you do not happen to,Separated by a wall between you and the server GFW,Then since GFW will analyze ssh packets,Result was slightly slower network will allow the command to card one minute。

GFW is now fully capable of analyzing traffic characteristics ssh,To determine whether you are really using the ssh server configuration,Or use it[……]

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Swift uses InputMethodKit to write an input method

How to write an on iOSInput? This question has been answered a lot of people over。You can easily find a detailed tutorial by Google。but,On macOS write an input method is not so simple。

Ok,Strictly speaking,I mean use Swift to write a input method is difficult on macOS。The main reason is that no one has ever done this thing 。

Now able to[……]

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With Santa prevent Mac QQ start of Jietu.app

We all know that QQ this thing and 360 A sample,Do no good,。A Mac version is also thought to function well with,First touches hooligan playing up。After this update,You will find QQ screenshot function independent of the (actually very early independence,I refer to the other),And QQ network connection does not go the same way the body。

Why do you say? I use the Surge ,So always see[……]

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In macOS 10.11 Use BootCamp to install Windows on 10 Resolve partition error

Then suck everything for two!

Pioneer butt out,To be able to suck on it,I also spent a tremendous effort。- Why did so pit father does not support macOS it!

It is said that the virtual machine to install the watch even though it can enter the game pioneer but there will be a strange black blocks appear,The game can not。

In short,I spent five years macOS,The first reason finally installed dual system。

But he had this Bootcamp Raiders[……]

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Mac version of Thunder quietly collect user BT seeds

Just today,Small waiting six months for Mac version of Thunder finally updated again,A new version - although no new features,But finally dragged fixes a bug when running around the window。

but,Also encountered the problem can not be downloaded offline。With the help of the test while debugging,I found some other things:I accordance with the requirementsThunderComes debug tool to generate statistical information archive altogether 70M large![……]

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Let go Homebrew Update Agent

Before we said,As the domestic network was further bad,use brew AlsoReplace domestic universities mirror source,But this method palliatives,An update is faster,But still the same download。

The result was the most updates need to download the source code and compiled locally,Luck almost altogether also download the source code is not down,Cancel every time and try again,Constantly repeated manual。

- If we can take the terminal commandproxy[……]

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Armed your QuickLook - I used several QuickLook plugin

OSX friends using the system for them QuickLook Will not be unfamiliar,no matter where,Almost all the local operating system,For this image,You can select it,Then press the space bar to quickly see what this picture without the need to open the plug-in software or image editor;Or documents and other video and audio some text - it is so convenient。

but,This one Quic[……]

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