Pocketed input macOS 2 How is optimized for VoiceOver

Two years ago,I wrote an article entitled "ios VoiceOver support for visually impaired users"Articles,Inside describes how iOS end of the necessary support for VoiceOver,Then I developed a macOS input terminal pocketed,But unfortunately due macOS own system bug,Third-party input method can not obtain focus VoiceOver (mainly[……]

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and: 1: “…”: invalid command code

use Linux Friends might be more familiar with the command,It can quickly and text documents in batches to operate in the script,For example a row or alternatively change the specific content ......

macOS Naturally have this command,But one thing is not quite the same,If you execute and -i ,So probably you will get a strange message[……]

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DoT DoH addition DNSCrypt,You can also learn more about the DNS encryption scheme

2018On November 2nd update,One day after switching to DoT,All stubby built-in server running unusually slow,Until daily use is immune to give up ......。

2018On November 1st update,used 5 After days DoH,Since the server is currently offering this service only,I was here at this address operators blocked。

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NSTextField text blur solution canDrawSubviewsIntoLayer

Among developing pocketed input process macOS,I have been plagued by a strange question - text blurred。


No matter how I debug,Pocketed candidate text input method can not achieve the original text as clear and sharp。After a big ask God,The resulting experience is to see live a long time - upstreamSub-pixel rendering bug。

In many platforms have similar problems,macOS[……]

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Use Cherry MX Board on macOS 8.0 RGB

Woman sent me a ticket Cherry MX Borad 8.0! Yes,That is a rare manufacturers that need a 9.5 H CNC milling machineAnodizing 87 Key mechanical keyboard! Apple external keyboard and a design style,Coupled with a specially designed key caps font,I fell in love with at first sight to see(Incidentally blown about,This is what I often sayDesign three elementsIn the "visceral design")


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UTI quick check of a file

When carrying out the development of iOS macOS,We often need to interact and file,For example, association and open a certain type of file,Well, this time,Your name suffix used in this document are not,But it's UTI。

UTI is a unified file type name,It sets out what should be a file type,Rather than suffixes to determine,For example, txt,text,json are pure text files[……]

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UserNotifications user-created using sound as a tone

Use custom sounds as notification sounds

In iOS 10 after,iOS uses a new UserNotifications As the notification API,This allows developers to use images、video、Sound and other rich media content as the notification,While further,You can also use the Notification Content Ex[……]

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Item “xxx” is used by macOS and cannot be opened.

When restoring data,You may need to use U disk copy data,But macOS default is read-only mount ntfs,of course,We have a way to use the command line to become re-mount it read-write。But this is likely to cause ntfs permission error,The result is that when plugged into another computer's,This file mayGrayed

[caption id=”attachment_2978[……]

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