Month – January 2017

Swift is determined whether there is a string expression Emoji

Update:The network spread emoji Code pointNot complete,I follow Wikipedia-refresh a bit,The paper version of the code was updated Swift。

Many times we need to determine a character、Or that there is not a word that contains the emoji,Use Swift language development app is no exception,For example, you can use a regular expression - but unfortunately,It seems different languages[……]

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Pocketed input method is how to achieve app settings without the need for full access?

All to known,On iOS since 8.0 Start version,Keyboard can be developed for iOS third-party input method,These keyboards can be sold on the AppStore,but,But also has a very strict access rules。

This,Apple's third-party keyboard design of the two permissions,A minimum of,Permissions Only the most basic functions of the keyboard、Another relatively more,Get the keyboard "Finish[……]

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Could not load the “” image referenced from a nib in the bundle with identifier “”

Today, I encountered a strange problem,Program runs no problem at all but the terminal given as follows

In fact, it is wrong on the subject,This question seems quite simple - not that the pictures referenced lost it ......

actually not,Since the name is ""

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Write off the grid a little life experience of the past six months input obtained

He says you may not believe,Pocketed input method originally I practiced hand of a project,It's calledBoats

But in the hands to write it before,In fact, I had complained many times,They say they want to write a useful input method,Because I used Larry,The existing input method,Larry did not pay attention to how this group,The same time,Speaking on spelling,Various advertising pop red dot also put their own utility functions ah ah sentence input to these advantages buried。


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CloudKit Optimization Guide

Recently added to the input method pocketed called "Logarithmic Cloud"s things,It is not difficult,Simpler than using iCloud Document,But not too much information online,You started by those tutorials to real life should not be a problem,But want to enhance the user experience,It is not so easy。Here we take a look at,How to get CloudKit run more fun。


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Let iTrem 2 + zsh startup no longer wait!

iTerm as a built-in terminal mac alternatives really handy,Multi-function、Interface is also nice。Skin with zsh +,Since then, the terminal also beautiful (thematic map)。

but,zsh is always very slow start,Although the content before each start input is still not lost,But always waiting is not a thing (to tell the truth,I have endured so many years ......)

In short,In fact, this problem can be solved[……]

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