360search for:You changed the vest,I do not know you?

Today bored opening the blog start page statistics obscenity,Suddenly I found there was a new (common on a few who do not know who is right? What Google Baidu ah ah it will be) on the origin domain name is calledhaosou.com,As it has been a soft spot for people who are outside the chain,I have to point to open to see whether this is a kind of website。

Then I saw myThe booger have eruptedthe result of:

Changed vest 360 search

Changed vest 360 search

Had nothing - not that a third-rate search engines do,There are plenty of online,But this guy actually can jump the road coming in the domain of the top ten,Luzhu we had a little more fear(After all, you have so much included in it!)

Then I saw the words below the search bar,I do not know how the,We saw 300 million this word,Labor first thought of the rogue。

Anyway, I was black you how 360 to the right,You change the vest I do not know you? Google what keywords

"The Internet was renamed"

We can see such a news:

If the night woke up to find their own stock holdings changed the vest,But also high-end、atmosphere、The grade,Please do not be surprised,This popular this year。

Frequently has been renamed the A shares a unique landscape。but,Last year in particular, lively,According to Wind statistics,2014A-share listed companies a total of 182 times the stock short change occurs,85 times renamed due to factors related to the performance wearing a hat or Zhaimao。And in 2013 changed its name listed companies a total of 169 times,119 times as ST hat transformation。

In addition to performance-related factors or wearing a hat outside Zhaimao,Reasons listed company changed its name probably fall into two categories,One is the completion of the reorganization of assets or major shareholder easy to master lead to changes in core business,Another is the absence of significant changes in the main business situation more prominent the company's strategic focus,Many of them cater to the concept of speculation hot market。

More footer see Further Reading。

At this time I Hsin Tao bad,Because I must have missed something。

- Or you said that he changed his name to do,Good brand reputation stood not even get a new one? and so,I countered

360Search rogue

Search for the keyword again,The results are shown:

Opening the big picture to see the profile of each link you clear

Opening the big picture to see the profile of each link you clear

This time you understand,The original is such a thing children。In fact, it,Rogue rogue is,To people do not know,Unless you have a lonely ah,Everything has a degree,Otherwise,Once a root fuse lit,You loser。but,Now the Internet is now popular quick change,I change my domain name change,Who can contact from the former A's Z it is today? But unfortunately ah pity,But then you can not let go of smelly reputation,Although smelly reputation,But also smell broad,notorious。So you still want to take a play out of play,I say notorious villain is the year his son,I am a good person,In fact, my dad is a good man!

Hi,He had one meaning,In fact, suddenly I saw a little angry,Renamed things were normal ah,Sina Weibo microblogging became,Tencent QQ become QQ,Taobao Mall became Lynx,Ctrip Ctrip or,But it never became a network services company ......

In fact,CG lattice not have become today's pocketed it。Facade of the problem,Do not we had to eat this heavenly people is set to come。

In short,What is not said,Further reading point to open their own bar watching the news:

2014In a listed company changed its name to 182 times Xiangeqing to the Internet to play good cook

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