Month – April 2014

How to set up FTP server on OS x


In the new version of OS X,,No FTP server,Preferences among,Share file-sharing inside retaining only Apple's own AFP, and is compatible with Microsoft samba,This allows sometimes need to transfer files to and some of the equipment becomes tricky。

Recommended Software

The software is quite good,full functioning,From the user to the virtual directory permissions to everything,You can definitely cope with the needs of the vast majority of FT[……]

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unix / linux programming study notes- Open file descriptors and function

To talk about unix / linux for file operations in these functions,These functions for linux basically meet our requirements in any document,
First talk about the open function
In linux you want to operate on the file must first open the file and then the corresponding processing,Why should we do it? That is because the process and not directly manipulate files between,To process the document operation[……]

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Update Flash cause Safari to crash Remedy

The new updated version of the flash in some cases require a lot of courage,For example, yesterday,After routing update Flash version of Safari has led to the collapse can not afford。

If you're not careful and I encountered the same problem,Then you can followHereThe official way to manually remove the plug,If you bother to look into the points,Now I write that

The brief resolution process

Use uninstall to uninstall Flash

If your system is[……]

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ZTE c200 listen to the multicast configuration process summary records


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Little understanding of Unix System Structure

UnixLittle understanding of architecture

It can be defined as a software operating system in the strict sense,The software controls the computer hardware resources,Provider operating environment for personal understanding of hardware and software wealthy。We call such software kernel (kernel),It is relatively small,Located in the center of the environment

Kernel system call interface is called (system calls) Shared libraries built on system calls[……]

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