Month – May 2015

Let Xcode using Solarized Dark color theme

Looks like this topic has been very fire Solarized,This is a terminal text color color scheme,Very nice,There are two kinds of light and shade,but,According to my own guess,Some more than it should be dark ......

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Because the terminal is generally a little good-looking black😜

In short,The color theme for many terminals provides configuration files can be imported directly into,[……]

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Talk about MVC and software development of SoC

No matter what language you are learning,Will probably encounter a called MVC concept,It is a program development model,"Isolation and show" as the core,In the hierarchical framework has a great influence。

MVC Is a shorthand,Three uppercase letters corresponding to Model View and Controller

Now we create a application software,Many cases will bring[……]

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Direct application in Xcode preview UI

Do app using Xcode application development time,UI interface design what application is commonplace,But every time and then run the simulator to view the output of a very troublesome thing,Especially when you need to modify many elements、And the need to fit a variety of screen sizes with the time - after all,,Now iPhone product line is no longer so a single。

So,Breath simulator run three or four such things fear[……]

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What is a programming language?

Since you want to learn programming,Then we should at least know their own learning is what it okay?

Speaking of programming,In fact, the earliest still have to catch up with our big brother Alan Turing God go。At that time Turing invented Turing machine - this thing is very fast hardware,Finish all had easily shortened to two years of World War II where we do not start speaking up,We say that the main,The Turing Machine,Basically it is the first computer!

of course,[……]

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Swift Common Types of data

Now most of the high-level programming language,All evolved from the classic C language,You grammar which in these programming languages,More or less can be found in the shadow of a fraction of the C language,This is why a lot of people still recommend,From the C programming language into the language of the door。

but,C language is indeed a sufficient old,Many people are directed to write a program target learning to play the APP,You to learn C language ...... sorry,[……]

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Watercress FM song list access

Swift recently started learning the,It is like "hello world" as,Each language seems to always have a "write Douban FM" project tutorial😶

In short,I started using this process taught to become familiar with the development process,but,Only yesterday did show playlists and display the song Cover,Today adds playback collapsed flash back!

Ok,Even the newly added[……]

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