Big Data

Being Chinese Wikipedia corpus

Recently doing input method thesaurus,Implement new sentence input model,(Based on input model sentence the word I would talk back before),The new model is based on the input sentence HMM (I.e.Hidden Markov Models) To do,Of course,Due to limited funds, I personally equipment,Only the second order matrix。But even so,Model still need training。

of course,Not to say that with the novels and to train bad,Just hard to find the rows[……]

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vSphere storage using NFS do not use the thin-provisioned reasons

invSphere 5.5in,NFS is enabled by default in theThin Provisioning,The official said the document is very clear,but,During the experiment, the Luzhu has encountered such a problem:That is in any case can not be enabled on the virtual machine Thin Provisioning NFS storage。

Actually,inweb clientAbout disk provisioning on this one is simply gray (Thin Provisioning and not selectable default),Created a virtual machine[……]

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VMware vSphere host can not mount Windows 2008 Server R2 NFS solutions

When configuring vSphere,Using NFS as the storage is a good choice,But often there will be various problems in time to mount the partition nfs,For example, do not use except the root directory (if you want to use, please check the "root directory readable")


This is a question to be recorded

Cannot open volume: /vmfs/volumes/ 138[……]

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Install ESXI 5.5 LSI_MR3.V00 card solution on HP servers

Recently made virtualization-related learning,HP's server is at hand,While not dedicated virtual servers,But it can also be used to install ESXi experiment。

But the problem came,During the installationESXi5.1When completely normal server installation ESXi5.5 but always get stuck inlsi_mr3.v00Here,Result was the installation program can not be。



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How to install ESXi ESXi?

Install a virtual machine in a virtual machine

I think is not what mysterious thing,VM virtual machine can be installed as a VM ESXi experimental environment,But this, after all, is limited by the ability level of the personal computer,Start experimental test or what will make people very upset,So,This time we will try to come installed on a real ESXi ESXi server,This should be more than installing multiple ESXi in a virtual machine performance to improve a lot,Such[……]

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Linux storage of lvm (Logical Volume Manager) Logical Volume Manager (1)

First we need to understand why with LVM

Generally expand partition:Need to be adjacent。

advantage:LVM makes it easier to manage disk space。If the file system needs more space,Available space volume groups which may be assigned to a logical volume,And you can adjust the size of the file system。If a disk error began to appear,You may be replaced by a disk volume group registered as physical volumes,And the logical volume range can be migrated to a new disk。[……]

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vMotion fails with the error: remote host IP_Address failed with status Busy (1031636)

I was doing a clustervMotionI encountered this error,He said there has beenGeneral system errorUnable toCertainVirtual machine migration toCertainHost computer。Probably the error is as follows Jiangzi

I found everyone in the country seems to have not encountered this problem =。=! I met wonderful good,So write it,In? VM official website where there is this one KB,I found it,But this error occurs in older versions of ESX and ESXi ah[……]

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