Month – February 2016

A complete picture - keeping a complete program

Write a program is never an easy thing,You often feel very satisfied with the work,Users say your program is simply a semi-finished products。You scratching,But always wondered。

Long before I was in college,I was an art student,Studied painting in Beijing。Time,Every day a lot of painting paintings,There have someone like gouache color sketch,Every time I drew strong three hours do not go,To sit and rest play phone。The teacher will come for:Only three small[……]

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Armed your QuickLook - I used several QuickLook plugin

Use OSX friends for this system will not be unfamiliar among QuickLook,no matter where,Almost all the local operating system,For this image,You can select it,Then press the space bar to quickly see what this picture without the need to open the plug-in software or image editor;Or documents and other video and audio some text - it is so convenient。

but,This Quic[……]

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Future of Virtual Reality

When a person from the real world into the virtual world,Why immersion,What is it based on,It is a virtual world charm,And people are born not resist,Burst out from the virtual game virtual reality,There are more powerful attraction。It lets us into the more unpredictable space,People feel like being one of the happy people shouted authenticity,Especially the game of virtual reality technology,People simply want the blood sprayed sheets。However, for practical applications of the technology most people still know little about[……]

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Disable WordPress inside Emoji static

Now Wordpress stand by emoticon The,But supportive manner somewhat ...... 2,Yes,To make it more browsers and platforms can display Emoji expression,Emoji expression will automatically be converted to static images face。

Then in order to expand? In short it again this static mapping image edition bag on a face to go public library is the callback ......,Wordpress domain:[……]

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Swift sent through HTTP JSON-RPC command

While our Web development,Would inevitably have to obtain data from the Web server,In many cases also need to submit the data to the server,Which at the moment,We are used to using JSON formatted data,Because it is easy,This time we look,How to use Swift to send JSON-RPC command and get response。


JSON-RPC is a stateless and lightweight[……]

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