Month – November 2016

Memory Problems swift hurricane

Swift language development in the use of time,Many of my friends will be baffling problem encountered memory full,Obviously there ARC ,Obviously the release of memory,But still let the program memory footprint with circulation soared。

There is not really a memory leak occurs,This is actually ARC A mechanism:In each of the main Runloop At the end of the clean-up。That is,It is necessary to have a cache[……]

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SourceKitService take up a lot of memory and CPU solutions

Swift performed using Xcode development software language when,Many people in the latter part of the project will encounter such a problem,If that diagram as:SourceKitService Take up a lot of CPU and memory,Or even directly cause the system stuck。

Then,This in the end is how it all about? StuckOverflow of the vote on the answer is to say:[……]

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