Taught you science Internet

iOS 9 IPhone Configuration Surge use Shadowsocks achieve global science Internet

Since the iPhone update iOS 9,Update SDK also updated a number of new API,That we have such a powerful development tool Surge。

It can intercept all the traffic of your iPhone,Including cellular networks and WiFi! and so,Surge Global http proxy support iPhone,https proxy,sock5 Agent。

As for[……]

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Avoid DNS leaks on OS X

Recently more and more high wall,With the relationship between fascism and the moon cake festival,Many also demolished the ladder。Even developers are also several ladders?,So,In addition to "How science online," this issue,"How to stay safe online," this issue has become more and more people can not be ignored。

I know all of you not only to use,It is a general use computer access,I think this issue should also receive attention。Everything you say in the network are your top[……]

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In OS X 10.11 Compiled Twister

Twister He is a famous anonymous to the center of the micro-blog system,It borrows as we know itBitcoinas well as P2P protocol,Let microblogging can no longer be deleted posts,This is an anti-censorship microblogging system。but,Its use at present may not be opened as simple as microblogging website login account to。In the local computer to install a pre-compiled client is a good choice - but OS X, not so easy to do,[……]

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It is time to use the PAC whitelist

As early as 12 years time,I wrote an article,More beautiful intelligent PAC! -Flora,introduced Flora this project,At that time we said gfwlist Every so often it needs to be updated to run well,Otherwise, there will be a lot of pages does not open。

gfwlist blacklist is an open source project,It consists of thousands of users gathered from contributions,In order to achieve self-being GFWed domain[……]

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Blue light Lantern 2.0 Official release

As early as last year, Lantern It has been released,Worldwide sharing tools as a new breakthrough blockade。When it is completely closed beta,You need to apply and wait for the message to verify。However, it is based on Java,Mac version of the basic disability ......

If you have a ladder,You can watch a video below,This is available when the time Lantern,Official website released a promotional video。

Doing great。


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Those proxy Google search engine

We do not know when to begin - and then later people will probably forget this is called the Best of Google search engine in the world, right ......

In short,Today, the route to pain free eggs rolled 'Traffic statistics',Then I found found a lot to do domesticGoogle search based on cross-borderThe results of the search engine,Then the Internet Google A bit(Ironic)Really found a lot!


Ok,Although I[……]

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Mac OS X resolved socket.error: [Errno 48] Address already in use Port occupation problem


Using the GAE engine in OS x to science onlinegoagentorwallproxy,May occur during the boot process the following error then the service does not start successfully。


Actually it is because you have to start the same or similar services for the port,usually,In Ma[……]

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Internet taught you Science Series IV:Pretty smart PAC!–Flora

I believe a lot of cheese have seen we write"You taught science Internet Series"We have been able to maneuver and handy inside and outside walls。But you have not found what I wrote there aSmart pacs things? This thing is flawed (At least I think so uh),You use this stuff comes fromautoproxy2pac,It is a precise record of the database by a wall site,Maintained by countless volunteers,Website collects rely entirely on network[……]

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