Month – August 2015

Unified style questions about the translation

First, this translation is not an open source translation,According to the future income from donations,Members will be compensated (perhaps not

Secondly, as a contributor to translate your cool is a prerequisite。


basic rules

  • First you will get an author of this blog account,With this number in this blog post your translation,Translating chapters use the "Save Draft" feature continuously updated。- You can save a draft me[……]

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How to hide text statistical code

In General,We will use statistical code when creating a third-party independent blog to monitor the blog visits,In order to obtain some small sense of accomplishment ~

In short,When those statistics add tags they always seize the opportunity to give your own website advertising - word "Webmaster Statistics" and other nasty hidden in calling in,You can not afford to also clear how。

Other,Even if unrealistic Text,There nonsense pictures show,I rely,[……]

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Generics are another important object-oriented concepts in,In addition to multi-state,It further increases the range of reuse code,For Swift language,,Generics throughout its always。

From Print() Speaking

We start from the first day of class in the use of this global function,It allows us to show the statement on the screen,Very simple to use,It can pass a string。

Incoming string displayed string[……]

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Always given:Exception Handling

This lesson we get to know about the Swift error handling

In calling the method and the time to write a wheel,There will always be wrong sorts of weird,Normal is already compiled software,Some unexpected errors also occur。but,Among these errors,There are some that can be identified and captured - they can be expected。

Predictable error

Why do we say that there are some errors that can be expected to get it? For example,[……]

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Static methods and static properties

Not all of the dynamic

we all know,The method is put in the running instance。That is the result of the implementation of the method is based on the instance property came,The property is an example of the current state of change - we call it "dynamic"。

But really all it is dynamic? In fact, not,Some methods give results which will directly and according to your call,It does not need to generate change according to the change instance attributes - that it is produced anyway[……]

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Lifetime:Automatic Reference Counting

In front of so many bedding,Now finally we want to address this thing the garbage collector。


This is not the Ark ...... This is automatic reference counting (Automatic Reference Counting),This thing is used to manage Apple memory。

Its function is that the garbage collector on the garbage heap。It would not have been able to ensure that all heap objects that reside in the running to be released in the heap。Ensures that[……]

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At the end of the previous lesson,We finally made clear the process of creating an object,Then,Speaking create an object looks like is to call a method,This method may in the end what is it?


Not wrong,When we initialize a class object when,We did call a method - initializer。

Initializer method is actually a special provision of the,It is possible for the class to initialize。

Let's imagine,[……]

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"Stack":In the end what happened "heap",What is a "stack"?

It's time to look at the living space objects and methods - and want to learn object-oriented,I do not know where to put the methods and objects is a very embarrassing thing - after all, we still have to face the garbage collector,Want to make the garbage collector to help you do more,We have to understand its working mechanism to some extent,Learn how and where to store objects,if not,You have to write a program to the vulnerable!

Courses in front of us[……]

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