WordPress Chinese users to upgrade 4.3 Backstage after the problem is solved

In the previous article in which I Tucao own stupidity,But then I successfully solved the problem。

Now look at how to do it


First Symptoms,Chinese version of WordPress (particularly upgrading from an older version all the way up) users to upgrade to 4.3 You may encounter backstage after the editor can not switch the "Visualization" and "text" mode,"Add Media" button is disabled,Missing code highlighting and third-party plug-button issues such as the failure MCE plug-ins。

Of course, the last one to go twice to save your changes plug-in page。


First in English is not a problem,The easiest way is through your WordPress general option to temporarily switch to the English language to see whether the normal background editing page,If you return to normal,Then that problem is really caused because the translated version。


Probably because we're upgrading from an older version all the way up,So there is some translation packages weird permission problems cause has not been updated and the updated version is not detected,Thus giving rise to the old version of the translated version of the system with the appropriate new phenomenon,Eventually led to a variety of bug 。


First switch the locale to English:

This step is very simple, 设置 → 常规 Inside find locale,Then you can switch to English。

Then to the next web directory remove a language pack:

Do not worry if you can rename,We find directory /www/wp-content/language Then will be renamed。

Then switch the language setting back to Chinese:

Back to 设置 → 常规 Which will set back Chinese language。

Last updated language packs:

This time you see where there will be a prompt update,Point into an update is found in most low-end translation,Follow the prompts to update translation,This time go back to the edit page look - everything is normal。



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