It is time to use the PAC whitelist

As early as 12 years time,I wrote an article,More beautiful intelligent PAC! -Flora,introduced Flora this project,At that time we said gfwlist Every so often it needs to be updated to run well,Otherwise, there will be a lot of pages does not open。

gfwlist blacklist is an open source project,It consists of thousands of users gathered from contributions,In order to achieve the domain name was GFWed ADF Agent;The Flora of China from IP boost access to IP addresses,Thereby generating intelligent PAC ,The use of foreign IP agents。

Both have their drawbacks,For example, the manual maintenance gfwlist,It relies on users to contribute add,Then you need to regularly update,Otherwise, a little outdated,Many would not have opened the page,Only then use the "Global Mode";and Flora belongs to a stick and killed,In fact, not all the foreign IP are GFWed(Estimate far)So this leads to fragmentation processing this model is not smart。Other,IPv4 resources are now so nervous,Borrow and loan of,Also can not be distinguished in the segment by IP。

Because pot special network environment,Want to resolve the domain name in at the correct IP address is not an easy thing,So use Flora is not a perfect solution。


Taking into account the large quantities every day than the site has been GFWed,I am afraid that a person never have an end。So,Someone made a whitelist - just the opposite of Flora and gfwlist,It is not responsible for matching GFWed site,For sites that do not match,Acting is all gone!

While the Internet is concerned,Every day thousands of new websites,But compared to the world,Maintains a whitelist is not GFWed much simpler。Such,Avoiding a big embarrassing problem - your PAC fail。- Okay, I admit whitelist also need to be updated,But slightly outdated whitelist,There will not be the site not open it!

Other,In fact, the pot had a few useful sites,It is generally used, to meet most people's needs,For emerging domain,As well as some weird little site,You can also use a proxy to protect their privacy to a certain extent,It can be considered an unexpected benefit of it ~

GFW Whitelist

This is a project I git today when visiting the unexpected discovery gfw_whitelist ,This introduction is written by the author:

famous autoproxy.pac (GFW List) GFW is a blacklist,Visit the Web site through a proxy list,Not on the list of sites to directly access。Effective use blacklist,Maintainers and users often need to update this list,It may not have access to the site was recently wall。The inconvenience is to promote one block scientific Internet。

Whitelist white list approach does not go proxy sites,All other sites accessed through a proxy。Advantages whitelist is very low maintenance requirements。After the first installation,Even if it is not updated for a long time,It would not have opened up the website problems。of course,Users will have to pay a little more traffic。

In fact change very fast speed GFW,Blocked sites is also increasing,Foreign little more interesting sites have been mostly wall,Or at any time may be wall。The authors therefore consider it necessary to maintain a whitelist beginning of pac file。

The project includes the domain name and IP whitelist whitelist,The final version of the utility generated list proxy.pac use black and white list,In order to facilitate more accurate and scientific high speed Internet access。Recommended directly proxy.pac。

Domestic domain part of the Spider will be prepared by the author of the list is automatically updated,Extract the most common site。If you need a list of other formats please contact the author。

Acquisition Method

For this it has been basically in a slow update project,I am on top of it set up a new project,Specifically whitelist,Later I will find time to write out a reptile,At present, then equally manually update -。-

From the gitGet the project files,Untied package found whitelist.pac After (domain whitelist) file,ip address proxy type and modify the proxy server。Then the browser's proxy settings to point whitelist.pac

use it!

There are many methods to use PAC,If you do not like the use of tools (I recommend you use some of the tools) that due to the OS X sandbox mechanism itself,You have to be thrown into the PAC /Applications/ Inside job。System Configuration and then to set up automatic proxy,Address file:///Applications/ course,Specific PAC can modify your own name。

Use to configure GoAgentX

Ok,Although this project has quietly disappeared from among Github,But it really is a rare good tool,It can automatically configure the proxy、Compatible with various protocols ......

This I will write a separate article forGoAgentX subsequent maintenance and use。Here,We talk about how to configure GoAgentX our PAC。

GoAgentX comes with a PAC,We use our own,In the PAC configuration page "Use custom PAC”:

Use custom PAC

Use custom PAC

then click"Choose a local file"Button,You can put away the PAC selected,Finally, click "Restart PAC Services”。


PAC file does not import,It is loaded into the memory of them - that PAC files can not be deleted,You put it into a special directory。

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