GoAgentX subsequent maintenance and use

Shadowsocks author clowwindy tea recently and then emptied his entire project code。One week after goagent quietly clear out all of your project's code。Github is a massive DDOS attack。

inIt is time to use the PAC whitelistArticle I introduce an anti-gfwlist road white list PAC,It is different from the former GFWed domain name match,But no match is GFWed domain name ... ... All right,I also very much agree with the ideas of the author – now use whitelisting is the trend。

In short,For the people who want to use your custom PAC,After all, an integrated set of tools is essential--,We are accustomed to graphical user interface。

Quietly disappear GoAgentX

In our recent series of "big events" when panic,OS x is simple and easy to use GoAgentX but have quietly disappeared into the sea。I hand version is 2.3.7 ,Probably this is the last version of it--I don't find the updated version。

Its website has not open,Github project code has also been cleared。But the good news is,This last version is now even 10.11 Also run well on--the only downside may be opened when the firewall prompts networking (signature expired)。

Firewall networking tips

Firewall networking tips

Continue to use the

but,If you are not using the OS x built-in firewall,Then you don't need to deal with this dialog box--I recommend you turn it on。

GoAgentX supports several types of proxy services,Smart opened and switch (if the ports the same switch) services,And these services are in the form of plug-in to join--which means that weUpgrade of service can still used to GoAgentX。So,Before the main program cannot use,We can still continue to use it without having to worry about out of date。

The service in the form of plug-in

The service in the form of plug-in

PAC Configuration

On the PAC configuration here will not go into,We use the GoAgentX to the white list,Or more acid to use ShadowsocksX not cool。So,Please refer to It is time to use the PAC whitelist


Update Service

No one GoAgentX maintenance,Update button cannot be used anymore,We were unable to upgrade the main program,But you can manually upgrade the plug-in。You only need to access /Applications/GoAgentX.app/Contents/PlugIns You can see the plugin。We also right click with your mouse button to "show package contents"。

Update Shadowsocks

Wen said project file SS before although we have emptied,But either way,This is an open source project,so......

GoAgentX In order to facilitate possible,Default is not the SS project,But an extension project shadowsocks-libev (In fact, there are three versions in plugins directory inside the SS,You can switch advanced configuration in any,Here, we use only in the process of updating and maintenance of SS-libev),We can update it。Its version number is in the GoAgentX 2.3,The major version number and in fact this is the SS ... ...?

Taking into account the compilation is a very troublesome thing,We select from Homebrew Extract, brew Is similar to Linux in OS x apt-get or yum The package management system,If you don't know what it is,--HereLook。

We use the following command to install the brew


To install the BREW,You have to first install Xcode。--Even if you choose to download the source code to compile,Also need Xcode。

Use the command brew install shadowsocks-libev To install it,Then you can go to /usr/local/Cellar/shadowsocks-libev/2.3.0/bin Next copy SS-local replace /Applications/GoAgentX.app/Contents/PlugIns/shadowsocks.gxbundle/Contents/Resources/bin/libev/ss-local La!

Another way to update

Here,Grateful xsharp Students,He updates us SS client provides a new way of thinking,Due to the SS-libev version is already installed on your system,We can also let g oAgentX use SS instead of its plug-in installed on your system in the SS ,Even top complex replaces the province:

turn up /Applications/GoAgentX.app/Contents/PlugIns/shadowsocks.gxbundle/Contents/Resources/bin/libev/ss-local ,Delete it,Then, use the following command to create an empty document:

Edit this document,Write the following code:

And then use the chmod +x /Applications/GoAgentX.app/Contents/PlugIns/shadowsocks.gxbundle/Contents/Resources/bin/libev/ss-local To add executable permissions。

In that case,SS of the GX system is called instead of the SS in the plug-in。Later update,Do not need to be repeated to copy files。

Other,If you want other new performance parameters such as one-time validation,Then write:

The finishing touches

For GoAgentX plugin page can display the correct version number (if you don't care the details,You don't want to see here),We modify the following files:

Locate the version number string,Can be modified to correspond to the latest version:

This is the lbev version

This is the lbev version

Update the COW

We update the cow,Cow is also aOpen source projects,It automatically based on your visit to determine whether the site is wall,If the wall,Automatically uses the secondary proxy to access,Personal analyticsover time,Cow will be based on your browsing behavior to a variety of wall's website,It's like automatically generated gfwlist。Following was written by the author describes:

COW is a simplified through HTTP proxy server。It can automatically detect the wall website,Only to those using the two-class agent。

I personally do not recommend that you use in the public cow,This I will say。but,For people to use in the GoAgentX COW (GoAgentX really easy! ) With new COW is necessary in。

First of all,We use curl -L git.io/cow | bash To download the latest version of the COW,for Install cow binary to which directory The problem,We directly press ENTER to save it to the current directory;for Start COW upon login? (If yes, download a plist file to ~/Library/LaunchAgents) [Y/n] This should note,We aim to extract cow program files,Instead of installing,So you want to enter nTo cancel the automatic start。

When your directory (default should be /~ ) Program file will have a cow:

Cow file

Cow file

We go to the GoAgentX in the plugin directory (access methods, see above),Found COWService.gxbundle,Right click with the mouse button to "show package contents",Specific paths are as follows:

We replace this cow for pet cow。

The finishing touches

For GoAgentX plugin page can display the correct version number,We modify the following files:

Locate the version number string,Can be modified to correspond to the latest version:

Modified the plug-in version number

Modified the plug-in version number

Can't find cow version?

Update GoAgent

Goagent the blog owners,so............ New big,Too lazy to figure out the,To recommend a substitute forxx-net

  • Integrated GoAgent、GoGoTest automatic scan IP,Save effort
  • Web interface,Human interaction,Fool and easy
  • Built-in public AppID, Newbie
  • User-friendly details、Detail tips

Update Stunnel

Stunnel is also a very good agent options,That came with the GoAgentX version 4.56,And the latest version has 5.22,Before we use it also need to be upgraded。

Go to the official website to download the latest version to compile is a good option,But too much trouble,We extracted from the Homebrew。use brew install stunnel Installing stunnel,After the installation is complete you can /usr/local/Cellar/stunnel/5.22/bin Locate the stunnel program files!

We copy it to /Applications/GoAgentX.app/Contents/PlugIns/StunnelService.gxbundle/Contents/Resources/bin/ .。

The finishing touches

Same edit /Applications/GoAgentX.app/Contents/PlugIns/StunnelService.gxbundle/Contents/Info.plist To modify the version number of the file:

Modified the plug-in version number

Modified the plug-in version number


Original article written by Gerber drop-off:R0uter's Blog » GoAgentX subsequent maintenance and use

Reproduced Please keep the source and description link:https://www.logcg.com/archives/1296.html

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  1. BREW install shadowsocks-libev times wrong:Need to install prerequisite,Install to prompt XZ cannot run c compiled programs,This problem has a solution, please?

          1. Really crying。。。Sierra GAX SS cannot be used,SS people update it, they can use。。。Results can only be rolled back shadowsocksX。。。

  2. Directly modifying the app content,Would certainly be damaged certificate,Nature will always prompt Internet ... ...
    Seeking a 2.3.7 source code,I cannot seem to find on the Internet that,Are older versions of,Grateful

    1. 2.3.7I don't have the source code,Only a compiled file。The file itself is the certificate expires,Tip network,I'm not using its own certificate to sign。Without is no it,GoagentX does not have the latest online source,It really must go now。Now I use surge Mac,If you're using, I could send you my profile。 :)

      1. Thank you ~
        You can use
        'codesign -v /Applications/GoAgentX.app’
        To check the signature is corrupted,If not then return。
        'codesign -dvvvv /Applications/GoAgentX.app’
        To check the current signature information,My version of open networking does not appear prompting,This prompt appears very likely bundle (malicious? ) Modified the。

        I have surge Mac,But it does not have ssh-agent,The ssh agent can use the public network up the ladder into the company intranet,VNC his computer or something very convenient。For me goagentx is no substitute for。

        1. Yes,There is no problem,My version is a beta,Because the Internet now will not find this version。SSH directly with a command or script I do not have the command,Because words will be detected and then over the wall shield。I used SSH is a direct command line configuration:) Surge is designed to scale the wall。And,I also specifically for the maintenance (in fact, now is a reference list of predecessors) have a double wall white list rules,Very good haha。

          1. Because we have a lot of internal Web services,Transfer using SSH SOCKS proxy you can slightly open in browser,And proxychains4g can be used directly from within the command line git pull out,SCP without first git clone to an intermediate server,Save a lot of time,Are actually individual needs。

            My pull list from here:
            Schedule daily git pull can automatically update,If you define site can join the auto-merge shell script,Don't use their maintenance。

            Say your blog is really nice,As a not is too cool for HTML developers。

          2. Then you can look at my list of HTTPS://Github.com/R0uter/gfw_domain_whitelist my blog using Wordpress to build,I can't either,So they installed some plugins to optimize,Background has done a lot of optimization,Haha。
            If I were you,I have VPN directly ... ... Hey, Hey。Simple and easy。

          3. XD jam,I changed the format is according to God's results。I had to write a crawler,But because they have past I cancelled the reptile project turned to the God of the,List is very comprehensive。The question now is how to find a way to list according to the site's popularity cuts volume。

          4. Load balancing for good ideas,But can reduce the availability of,Even not greatly increases the chances of ... ... You can think about how to improve usability,If periodic automated test agent list and select the packet drop rate as the default PAC would be nice。

          5. Exactly,Eva sauce submitted by saying when she broke,Especially when the line speed is different,Are going to be very ... ... 2. but my JavaScript is not a bad,I think in the future to continue to explore。In fact, I did not ask for this PAC,Just use the white list,When used before then also turn off the load balancing to use hehe。Free try。

        1. Yes ... ... Now use leve4 instead of--Oh,May have to wait a few months to support SS。If over time it does not support,I will consider writing a Manager,After all, I'm using the:)

  3. If you want to support SS-local OTA (-A), And ideas? Create a shell file named SS-local? In the shell with the-a argument,And the other parameters are forwarded to the original SS-local。Like this:
    ss-local $@ -A

    1. I'll think about it,It is necessary to use a one-time validation? You say the bogus methods may have to write a binary instead of shell,If there are results,I'll get back to you:)

        1. Haha,You should be able to shut down by the GoAgentX,But directly calling the SS system installed in the client rather than the GX plugin ... ... Or,Save to copy it again every time you upgrade it!
          --It seems my services now support a one-time validation。

    2. =。= OK,Advanced function templates cannot be used to do,I swift wrote a shell,Can theoretically support all the parameters,Disadvantage is that you must manually close the。I guess you SS servers that they built themselves? I tested my service card does not support this feature =。=|||In short,Or the sentence "it is usable。”……

  4. Thanks PO。Decisive favorite this。Fear that a follow-up under the GoAgentX plugin cannot update。Do not know if you have tried accessing Meow?

    1. I went to study under the,I'm sorry,Meow was born fully supports the cow,But one by one, unfortunately Meow's profile directory renamed .meowThe,GX configuration directory of the cow is .cow,So ... ... We are unable to。

    2. If you want to match MEOW,Can directly do MEOW's two agent,For example a 3proxy services,Profile MEOW wrote death of IP and port。Just doesn't make sense,Because the Surge and similar open source tools,Can also do MEOW's two agent,Works better,And either commercial or open source,Should in most cases be replaced are no longer maintained by GoAgentX。

  5. Must first install Xcode? Words not compiled directly to replace it? Mac file browser egg pain,He did not want to allow users to directly manipulate files,IOS is extreme

    1. No compiled programs, can not be used,But you can try Python version,So you need to configure the switch line。You should try:)
      or,You might also consider to find pre-compiled ~

  6. I found a problem that is, COW I updated to 0.9.6 version no problem,But change the Info.plist file inside the version number,Reset post start the service when there is no COW,Have to change back to normal 0.9.3

    1. Now I haven't encountered this problem,May be I did not continue to use the cow updated ... ... Now I go to configure a try,My is 0.9.6,If you reproduce the problem,I will get back to you:)

    2. HA HA HA ~ ~ I did not encounter this problem,Automatic detection of cow that I don't like,But its hash load balancing is very impressive! I had three lines and then load balancing,Open Web pages are searched。Grab bag,Walking two opening the Twitter at the same time line,It's perfect!

      1. No way,I have tried again many times,Is in the Bundles tab you can see the COW version 0.9.6 is no problem,But point + adds in Services tab options you won't find a COW,Or you keep your package send me try

        1. You configure so see the cow banned? I now go back to the cow with his hand written list ... ... But still doesn't work well,Sometimes cow will still be blacklisted domain name to direct,Alas。

          1. I feel like the cow do sometimes have a problem,Especially when connected with cow shadowsocks slower than native good,Don't know if you have GoAgentX2.3.7 source,I want to maintain

    1. Other than eyeballing a libev is nothing more,You even deleted OK,It does not call ... ... Of course, I haven't had to know。Theoretically you have direct download the latest replace the。

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