Blue light Lantern 2.0 Official release

Blue light Lantern 2.0

Blue light Lantern 2.0.2 Click to go to the official website,Need a ladder。

As early as last year, Lantern It has been released,Worldwide sharing tools as a new breakthrough blockade。When it is completely closed beta,You need to apply and wait for the message to verify。However, it is based on Java,Mac version of the basic disability ......

If you have a ladder,You can watch a video below,This is available when the time Lantern,Official website released a promotional video。

Doing great。

After a long period of time,Lantern and sent e-mail,Updated say - okay,This was finally able to successfully install and run。Still based on Java,But excruciatingly slow incomparable,Ok,Not as tor。Of course,Advantage is that it does not require pre-Agent。As a backup is not how easy ladders,Ultimately it is goodbye to my computer。

Update:Download,Lantern support the Android mobile client! Download Portal has also been updated, oh ~

Lantern release Android Beta

Lantern release Android Beta

Now,Lantern Once again, sent e-mail,2.0 Version appeared! Finally a native!

Lantern 2.0 mail

Lantern 2.0 mail

Lantern 2.0 Smaller,--10M Faster broadband can run over! Really it is very rare。Japan vultr line of vps。

Japan's use of DNS

Japan's use of DNS

How to download Lantern

Lantern is the official nature of the certification of Girl Friend Wall,but,They are installed on the bag on the AWZ,So,We can be downloaded directly from the link:

Windows PlatformGithub shunt

Mac OS X platformGithub shunt

Ubuntu Linux 32 Bit platformsGithub shunt

Ubuntu Linux 64 Bit platformsGithub shunt

Android platform

使用 Lantern

Lantern subtraction do quite well。The entire software is very small,After opening also regards an icon,Configuration is a web-page rendering。

And in addition to the page telling you that you are using a network other than the Lantern,Lower right corner of the pinion, it was only three options:

  1. Start automatically
  2. Do not use automatic proxy
  3. Send anonymous statistics

I like this guy great sense of various configurations loss。

but,Lantern default with a list of sites to be certified,Automatically configures pac,So you can hang it to access domestic websites without fear detour。

Configuration Lantern

For Agents,You may also want to go to certain software agents - such as pre-tor。Then you can set the https proxy to on,This is a service that comes with Lantern。By configuring,We can also share it to a local area network,As long as the listener address change to Your computer can be your LAN IP。


Lantern configuration file is not in the bag inside it,But in the ~/Library/Application Support/Lantern/lantern-2.0.0+stable.yaml ,I do not know this stuff will not push with your network updated - because I simply did not find the Update button ......

Does not automatically update- In short,We can find the corresponding listening address inside,Changed to OK。

For update,You often need to validate yourself in accordance with the above address to download,Not the official website release notes!

Custom question lists of domain names

I do not know the authentication list Lantern is not from gfwlist ,But also in the configuration file.,So,We can manually add accordance with the corresponding format Wanglibian。After adding Lantern to save and reboot。

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  1. There was a paid-to-pro version before,The problem of not being able to connect often occurs, This time has expired,Only use the free blue light,But not enough traffic,But click to upgrade to the professional version to open the webpage and always crash,Click to show the blue light is also flashing back,Unable to find the upgraded portal or page。

  2. On the phone installed this software over the wall,But now I want to clean the phone,Once cleaned up the phone,This software is also installed on again? This software over the wall I was 19 years due in April。

  3. Blue light has not spent half a year can not be used to,It can not be used during the nineteenth large。Pay money for a year,How to deal with it?

  4. I have just one year renewals Pro,A few days ago I found that the results of not working? You big God Lantern customer service phone thing? Not paid the money can not be used,The overall give an explanation or announcement about the specific circumstances everyone heart has a bottom。Thank you! We hope to have encountered the same problem with the partners to have a say。

  5. I just bought,What is the situation simply can not go up,You have not bought people to teach me,Sealing of the Internet have all been,I do not see any tutorials

  6. I bought a professional version of the blue light,There are 10-month period,These days may suddenly can not turn the wall,what's the situation,On the domestic network to normal,Seeking great God enlighten! ! ! ! Jijiji

    1. non! often! Baton! - Drawback is that too little inlet configuration,You have to go to find the profile line and open,And the configuration file inside also inherited a list of proxy websites,Do not know whether it will push updates ...... a configuration page also did not update button。In addition to these confusing things,Or great。high speed。I test line isJapanTubing automatically selects the Japanese line,However, access is off the grid records to the United States IP,Go blue light test run China will not be measured IP;Currently I still use paid fees SS,And other SS kneel on it with Lantern。

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