WordPress updated! 4.3 Billie

Luckily the first time more 4.3,Editor finally native support for pseudo markdown

The first support icon Set the entry

Edit menu when finally able to instantly display

New users can then automatically create strong passwords


I want to say ............ background enhancements and code highlighting that this is no trouble even ah! ! ! !?

Start tragedy

Last night, the same night the last episode of American TV chase is over,Since then finally updated to keep up with the pace ...... getting ready for bed when suddenly a small partner told me that:"Hey!WordPress updated! "

What? This time even updated? Ok,It seems doomed no sleep tonight ah。As a chase new family,Of course, you want to update the。

Under pocketed domain now we have two sites,Pilgrimage is a drop-off,the other is Swift language translation of the official manual station,Both are built up by Wordpress,Give sub-station upgrade!

Something wrong

Yeah, that's a bit wrong,Because the front end goes blank after a child site upgrades! According to my experience,Certainly the problem of topics,Switch to the topic page and sure enough - I've been using the default theme of TwentyFifteen Damaged - the official theme is also updated when passing updated。Ok,Fortunately, Costa Rica has long been accustomed to the ways to optimize the use of sub-theme theme,Deleted damaged decisive re-download and install the theme。

Once again switched subtopics,everything is normal。


Private thought not affect the sub-station update,Then the master should be the same fishes - the result of touching thing happened after the update finished ......

Background Edit Page button is not a related plug-ins,Rich text and plain text mode can not be switched,Even the illustrations became delusional!

Oh damn! ?


Since experiencing problems,It must solve - this is the program of the ApesThe ultimate esoteric。First, according to the conventional,Re-configure the plug - I used backstage editor enhancement plug,After the re-configuration,At least familiar with the Format button back,But the button code highlighted plug still can not find。- Could that lead to the plug-incompatible version of the problem?

Back to the front desk to check all code found in the article are highlighted correctly - that,Only the background with no buttons! Your sister ah!

Ok,The second step,Get rid of all plug-insThen turn to a single debugging:

Actually,I do not need debugging - because I get rid of all the plug-ins,MCE is still crippled?。

Quietly re-enable all plug-ins,I already speechless。Ok,Since I can not switch the text-only mode - usually I kinda need it,I wanted to point a way to remedy it。 Tiny MCE Advance yourself with a source code browser,Open the code highlighting ...... although there is no button,But I can let it capture code label,Add the ......

and many more!

Nima suddenly found sub-station editor seems to be normal! Oh damn? !

Well ...... suddenly issued out of the window the sky is already bright,I opened the first sleep maintenance mode。

Chinese translation of the gang pit goods

In fact, they say that they were also not quite right,I then went to the forum they looked,4.3 seems to have no translation packages out - then the question is:excavatorI use the Chinese version of where they come from

Forget it,At noon today, after a friend of emergency - he found an article from the Internet,He said Chinese users upgrade to suspend 4.3 ......

Alas,Even reloading are saved,Switch directly under the language - all normal。


After this incident I suddenly thought of one thing,a story:

At that time I was in Beijing training Cisco Engineer,After school we talked about a true story - we all know that in the program ape ah ah siege lion Ms. inside this category is relatively small - oh no,It is very small,If some day the team came a handsome lady ...... oh,That should be the angel landed wolves。but,If your leader is Ms. transposition,It is another look quite the。Our story this team is so,This first came to female students to become directly in charge of their department - her natural Shoudexia of these guys who are not convinced。Then one day disaster broke out:Daily maintenance of network equipment is to be cutover,This thing seems pointless,But for the team in terms of this is the transfer of responsibility,No problems before network cutover,So even after one second cutover it explode,Nor into my hands。- Under such circumstances,One day early in the morning cutover is complete,Network everything is normal,I know work the next day,The head of female students received the bad news - a service disruption。A bunch of guys who face this problem magical helpless。

Then the female leader asked three questions,Prevent the catastrophe - like a volcano about to erupt suddenly belched,Magma sucked back again。

  1. "Pre-cutover normal?"
  2. "What did you do change?"
  3. "Why not roll back?"

Yes,It's that simple - it seems as a technician,Have problems to solve the problem is a natural habit - even no one thought about the rollback configuration!

Finally, the story of this mess is over,Roll back the normal configuration services,As to why mismatch,Inconclusively。Soon after the lady also promoted leave。

Here tell this story,Just wanted to alert yourself,Solve the problem of course is good,But technology has become a service when we are no longer solely responsible for the code,How complex the user need not function - but to be responsible for the user,But decades of stable and usable。During the service on-line debugging code,Like the debug engine aircraft on the aircraft on the route。

Everything I normally encountered this before upgrade,Case of problems after upgrading the first time actually did not think first rollback,Really should make up their faces。

All right,Finish here,This time with a good background in English。

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