How to improve the efficiency of learning ?

Sure someone will ask to see the title,Such themes are written,Baidu search a lot,The author is not never used the Internet,Or he certainly forgot to take medicine today。

We do not worry,Look me explain。

Now the Internet search about "how to improve learning efficiency.",Some provisions mostly get myself in the morning,How long learning,Some noon meal….and many more。

We found no,This is just a day's rest consider themselves successful table。So there will not follow this schedule table,Forced conversions lifestyle,Resulting in that they can not adhere to the three days will return to their previous lives,And a lot of people。Not only that,Some even have inferiority complex,Ultimately lead to depression。

But I do not know in fact want to improve the efficiency of learning,Focus on "Heart",When you understand the "Heart",Learning methods (called routines table) will naturally be reflected。

Here the author "Heart" is divided into two:

1,Precision knowledge。 2,Experience。

Do not worry see explanation,OF give everyone to see a word called "live learning",Because a'll explain these two will be used when the Heart。

1,What is the precision of knowledge?

In fact, knowledge mastery。We give a simple example:We all memorized multiplication tables 99,Know 7 * 8 = 56,But there is no lack some people have chosen to forget to back off 7 * 8 = ?。Why is this? Because knowledge is not deep enough to grasp the extent and cause of。There may also be those people back in time,That will go over the,The results precisely when in use due to the degree of control is not deep,Results to forget。

Another point,Some people anxious,With chances in the learning process,Clearly see they do not understand knowledge,Feel unimportant or feel that they might be the。So that the whole learning process,Learn more,In the middle of the more vacancies,The result is due to,Not more and more places,I want to look back in time,Often also lazy。Resulting in an infinite loop。(I have not,Has also been lazy do not want to see。)

Then,If we are in the learning process I do not think I'll be a,Instead of trying to improve the mastery of knowledge will be,Then we will be at ease when you really use,This is the precision of knowledge,In other words is "living science"。

In fact, there are more important precision knowledge point,We will be talked about in practical experience。

2,What is experience?

The author here to ask you a question,Why do we want to get knowledge?

The answer is obvious,Well in order to knowledge to life。

He then spoke of the experience,When the number of times we will more and more knowledge to live a long time,Experience then generates。

The experience to do it? the author thinks,When we experience increasingly rich,When we later learn new knowledge and applied to life (we can not rely on language,mathematics,Live life,To gain a foothold in society still need to learn new knowledge),Speed ​​of adaptation becomes particularly important。Is this not "utilize" Why?

There is also the important point is that the precision of knowledge,When we learn new knowledge into the community,Since we already have experience of how to get before the progress of knowledge on high-precision,At this point in time we will facilitate and improve learning accuracy with speed and more。

So,Two points above the Heart,Both complement each other,They are two separate individuals。

Katsugaku use,Combine。

High-precision accuracy and knowledge to improve the learning speed。

Practical experience to improve the speed of adaptation。

See here,Tell me what you believe,On "How to improve learning efficiency?" There will be new insights in the psychological。

If you know of my Heart,After learning that the,Also we need to develop rigid schedule table to learn it?

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