Summary from four aspects should not do a good Leader

Last routing spoke "Six words to help you start》,this time,To talk about how to do the role of a Leader。In fact, Chinese is the "leadership" of the meaning of it,but,Chinese leaders often also with a special color,And this color and not what I want,So ,Here is the use of the English word Leader,I hope we can accurately understand the spirit。

Routing is not a celebrity or any so-called successful people,But this time is really a lot of personal experience,Although I can not tell you what to do to become a good Leader、How to do it,But so far,Routing can still tell you,I want to do a good Leader,Should not do。

May not fully,But it allows you to avoid some of the errors into。


Respect is an eternal topic,As a Leader should avoid making more members do not respect you (subordinates) to do,For example, in addition to changes in policy under very special circumstances。You politely listened to the views of members of the,But they will turn out the window,This is not a show of respect。

You listened to the views of others,But you convinced employees、Partner to accept your ideas,But looking back but according to other people's programs to perform certain things,This only proves that there is between the two of you are a sucker。


Always have a position,And carefully stick to it。

Do not throw away your position,This is because you do things simply source,If ta is right,You do not continue vexatious;If you accept each other's views,It should seriously to consider,Otherwise,Do not accept。If you refused to answer,And turn back, but to execute the,This is called plagiarism。


Do not close ideological,Do not immediately say "you're wrong",First of all,No one likes to be denied。

Secondly,If you immediately say this sentence,What this also means that you simply do not consider each other exactly what is being said。in other words,You are probably "ad hominem",That being the case,Might as well not meet、Do not discuss。Let others comment,And then immediately dismissed out of hand (without thinking there is no reason) it is a direct fight face to pull hatred,Beep! Carefully set fire。

P.S. Which is leading a major cause of attrition oh。


Do anything for a reason,So,Please do not insist。

Otherwise,You are in your team challenge。I do remember at least inform the other members before making a decision,If someone questioned,It should be interpreted as far as possible,Even if the other party do not agree,But also let him know what you are doing and why you want to do。


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