ShadowSocks build servers on vps


now,With gfw upgrade we need more and more scientific grounds Internet,But the most common VPN speed is getting slower and slower because of interference,For now,SS is a good alternative to。Now that you have your own vps,You may wish to use it to give yourself easily build a server SS。




Since the routing system is Ubuntu vps,I also use the command to do demonstrations on Ubuntu,But other similar basic system:

This service is now installed shadowsocks,Next we come

Create profile

.json Create a profile of your favorite places,Probably syntax is as follows:

This allows for port configuration password,I wrote the first port 110,Purpose is to tell you that your ISP probably high-speed ports shameless,If you find this kind of problem,Ports can try to write those commonly known port (port do not pay attention to your own conflicts like the vps。)

This time you have configured the relevant account information,You can try

It starts service:


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