Six words to help you start

1、"If one thing others can do 80%,You do not have to do it yourself。”

We start when there will be a myriad of issues and problems need to solve,If you can not learn decentralization,You can not collaborate with a good team and。A few people began to live more,Allocation of responsibilities often overlap one high wear many hats this is normal,Anyway you want to play a role,It must follow a guideline:Do what others can not do。

2、"Rome was not built in a day。”

Maybe you already familiar with the classic phrase,Presented here is certainly not to scrape together words,Rome was not built in a day,The same day your item will not get,It may be weeks or even months,Do not think it is very simple,Really started to do etc.,You will encounter a variety of strange problems,These sometimes very funny puzzle but enough to cause you to project delays。

3、"Behind closed doors is not enough。”

No investigation, no right to speak,Light on its own obscenity you can create fancy stuff。Think gold doll inventor holding patents,And then look at their sad reminder of life - proven technical skills are not enough,You have to meet the market demand。And this needs to be investigated。

4、"Brothers never quicken the work。”

The communication problem of the team is never a problem that can be solved by saying that it is solved,Whether large or small firms。A startup team with only a few people does not need to care about this issue? Blunder。Communicate this issue,It is inversely proportional with the number of,The fewer the number of your team,The greater the need to communicate。The best team members to have a fixed place of work,Otherwise,A good site is also essential。

5、"Keeping the team healthy and sometimes very painful。”

Your startup team is fragile,You must recognize that。So please carefully consider the reasons for the existence of every member,I do not want to say that the only reason he and your relationship better。In short,Entrepreneurship is not a trifle,Please re-evaluation to assess your members。

6、"Dignity is an eternal topic。”

Everyone is dignity,So please do not ignore out every member of your team among。Any decision to do at least inform your members,Big decision you have to discuss with other members,You can stick to your choice,But to accept it until everyone else。correct,Once someone finally accept your choice and begin to support you,That in the implementation of you do not say give up on giving it says change change,People's self-esteem refused to acknowledge that he is a fool proposition,You do it like this,Certainly proved it to them。

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