Seven reasons to switch from Gmail to iCloud

Unknowingly,From that day to sign up for Gmail,Six or seven years now been the scene。Vaguely remember that time not yet Google+;Then there is Google Reader。

Later, my friend bought a G1,Then I put my generous to his Gmail account to use the address book。

after that,This account has returned to my hands,I used along with a two Android phones a BlackBerry ......

At all events,until2014 On December 26,All this finally have become memories。

Despite being a blogger's independent blog,How could I not have seventy-eight kinds of ways to take the ladder,But in general,For mobile phones and so on tablet devices in terms take the ladder is still not a very easy thing (to say all temporary,I want to take long-term stable ladder approach,The current technology is really difficult to solve。) In short,After the hard struggle for nearly five months,After my never been able to support pac rules,I made a difficult decision - or go to iCloud It。

So,I have the motivation to write this article:Seven reasons to migrate from Gmail's iCloud


Yes! Now in addition to the flesh over the wall accident,I'm afraid not want to log in to Gmail ladder is to die,of course,Every few days to change hosts a handful of friends that I have here is not black them ......

Contrast this view,access Gmail The slower speed than, iCloud Mail on many,Regardless of web pages or client,Loading speed of new messages can always let you easily distinguish which messages from Gmail。

Other,Considering Apple's iCloud data centerPart on domestic,It means faster access some of the。Of course, this news for you, like me, may have another view,but,Think you usually for the convenience of QQ-mail to send and receive mail,I feel a little more tricky choose iCloud now!

two、More clean!

Quiet Interface

Quiet Interface

Now almost hard to find charges of personal mailboxes,of course,You buy a web hosting comes mailbox kind of thing we will not consider,So where is the meaning of existence of these free mailbox? Have you ever noticed when you open your free personal mailbox except when you want to see e-mail as well as function buttons accidents,Other gaps have been placed on the place full of advertising? of course,Gmail is true,But it's very ad acceptable The。but,These targeted advertising for your preference of where they come from it? Yes ah ~,According to crawl from the content of your e-mail!

But it does not matter,This is not peeping your privacy,Anyway agreement Google Mail's written very clearly,To ensure that people will not mess with your privacy Well ...... but have to say here,Almost all of the free personal mailbox will collect some data,Grab content from your mail box,Then used to analyze the directional advertising,This is understandable - after all, you are free with the so-calledLarge-capacity permanent freeMail ah!

iCloud mailbox is completely ad-free,Because it is as you buy a Mac、Gifts iPhone device or the like to the iPad,andInterface more attractive

three、More secretive!

The latest iCloud email alias-capable,While giving yourself an account can add up to three aliases to use,A typical use is to create an alias,Then a one-time registration spam,Deleted directly after completing receiving a verification code。Jiang Zi,You will not have to worry about the problems of spam it!

of course,In addition to deleting,Can be temporarily deactivated,In short,Create an alias before you start using iCloud mail is a good choice!

four、One-click configuration!

Ok,Speaking iCloud,And how you can not mention iDevice? Whether or iPhone on Mac,After the association iCloud,Just click Check mail options,Everything can help you automatically configured!

Think about it when you configure Gmail,Even now moving traffic can access Gmail mailbox,Ask those around you who use Android phones,How long they missed Play Store

Fives、Continuous exchange!

Continuous exchange!

Continuous exchange!

Ok,This is the latest new features in OS X, the Chinese translation,In short,What I mean is that,Use either a Mac or iCloud iPhone,We are able to easily configure a key,And there is no blockade,Access is also very smooth,Even if your device is not around,access The same can easily send and receive mail。

six、Many features!

I will not say a lot of iCloud mail function,Because e-mail is now basically just a handful of features,I want to say is that a lot of these features in iCloud mailbox,So you do not worry about their common features will be lost - even,Even the most famous of QQ-mail "message transfer" function that temporarily designed to send and receive large attachments,iCloud also have a mailbox!

Seven、More power!

The reason why this one listed,I think nothing can make you more inviting than this! Compared to other mailbox is,ICloud comes to iPhone compatible mailbox is always the best - push functionality is achieved,Every few minutes to avoid the distress of the initiative to check for new mail - Set it too much power at short intervals,Long interval it,Not timely receive new mail;You no longer have to tangle!



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    1. iCloud step verification from the last time the leak finally good for something,Also supports the Chinese! But requires you to have at least two Apple devices ...... it does not need to send text messages,We will push codes directly on the device,In addition to this,Gmail and other similar two-step verification。

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