2014On the Internet you know ten key words geometry?

Might say since the birth of the Internet 94 years,Every year and ultimately a variety of news and variations,But have to say that 2014 is the year the king lattice deepest feelings - it may be the development of a relationship with it now,Things from the electricity supplier to World War II and then to take away from the taxi war,apple pay war triggered by mobile payments;Also this year O2O fired to explode - there is no almost no O2O place ...... of course,Those about to or has become a historical example qvod、For example, captions ......

Teletext is not relevant

Teletext is not relevant

1、Alibaba IPO

This year, the largest number of Internet events listed Alibaba Group。Since last year, Alibaba B2B delisting Hong Kong,Alibaba Group's overall market has become a big suspense,Where listing、When the market、Listed including which parts ...

US Eastern Time on September 19,50Year-old Ma led the team listed on the NYSE,Opened at $ 92.7,First day of listing,Alibaba closing price of $ 93.89,Higher than the issue price of $ 68 up 38.07%,The market value of more than 231.4 billion US dollars in one fell swoop,To become second only to Apple、Google and Microsoft and the world's fourth largest technology companies in the world's second-largest Internet companies。Ariba also the amount of financing than in the United States in 2008 VISA IPO financing amount,It became the largest US IPO。

To benefit from China's economic growth、Outbreak demographic dividend and growth of the Internet,Ma led the company in just 15 years,Miraculously grown to more than 200 billion US dollars market value of Internet giant。Ma also sit real bit of mainland China's richest man,Li Ka-shing recently and beyond,Asia has become the new richest man。

From the second half of last year,China Internet to the United States、And a listing in Hong Kong to open the window period,Also well-known Internet company listed in 2014 as well,Sina Weibo、Jingdong、9158(Columba Interactive)、Street street。

2、Mobile Payment Wars

It can be said,With drops and quick taxi taxi taxi please National People burn war throughout the whole year this year,First, a user with a bit early or quick taxi,User and the driver was a few dollars respectively subsidies,Up to 10 yuan、12yuan,After turning only reward the driver side,The user then red envelopes to a friend,Recently both turn red car go to war in World War II。

Speaking of this in the form of red envelopes,Thanks also tengxuncai team on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2014 launched the "wonderful" products,So that people across the country during the Spring Festival、And even this year, "suppressed",Every red will grab。Thus micro-channel product of the year in the red "cottage press conference," the judges。

undoubtedly,The maximum value of the micro-letter envelopes that,Tencent in the field of mobile payments played a great victory,Therefore, a large number of active users bind bank card,Start learning to use the micro-channel pay。Then,Tencent investment drops by a taxi and Ali investments fast taxi Sike,But also because the two giants to find a taxi in this high-frequency applications and cultivate the habit of frequent users of mobile payment。

now,I believe that many users accustomed to the taxi has also been that several car contestant changed,Not move the car on the road,First thought is to go out on the phone APP Taxi。

3、The P2P Internet Financial foot-prone

Speaking of Internet financial year,It should be paid from June 2013 Balance Bao Bao Release date,Balance treasure Release,Cock wire so they could have invested one yuan finance financial internet,Money through micro-channel、Baidu Baifa、Netease、Sina、Jingdong financial products also began to rise,P2P platform from 2013 mushroomed to grow up。however,Since the credit system is imperfect,since this year,P2P case is frequent on foot。

It was in June of this year, statistics on,The investor is stuck with funding of more than 20 billion US,Funds in the individual platform absorb billion yuan。It was concluded,Established on foot P2P generally shorter,Not more than 6 months;These companies without a third-party funds trust mode,Time to focus on the outbreak,Significant ripple effect,Companies registered with the type of investment management and e-commerce Co., Ltd. based。


A few years ago to buy one thousand World War II mission this year,A large number of already fallen,Indeed left for the king,Instead, the sudden emergence of O2O。After the user of the mobile Internet giant customary payment nurtured,O2O connect online and offline will be bright,Do not you see from the meal、drive、Housekeeping massage service、Beauty nail salons all location-based site service,This will also be the site giants online sales of physical later occupied offline。

This year in the capital O2O market can be described as very lively,1Month Baidu wholly-owned acquisition sticky web,Suning 10 million US dollars acquisition of sold-out network;US groups were launched Taobao takeaway channel,Tencent shares public comment,80 million shares of public comment What are all hungry to seize market Takeout,4Takeout month Baidu also quietly on the line;6Tencent month and 58 city shanhun ...

O2O scale throughout the year and in December 12 was the day Ma Alibaba detonated,this day,Alipay with supermarkets、Activities organized by the store to buy 50 of 100 Province,Up 100 yuan cap。This turned out to be detonated Alibaba Group unintentional surprise,This is one of the Alibaba Group Double Twelve series of activities,But because there are many people commonly pay Scene,Get unexpected results。You can imagine,Giants compete for next year will be more intense in the O2O。

5、Intelligent hardware and crowdfunding

2014In the smart hardware it is also considered the first year of the outbreak,Smart Home、Wearable device、Smart health and other hardware market since becoming smoke,Participants of both the Internet giant,There are also traditional manufacturing enterprises,And ultimately, more grass-roots entrepreneurs,A time,smart watch、Smart bracelet、Children's bracelet、Intelligent picture frames and other intelligent hardware products Floor,Users are purchased、use。

what is interesting,The same year, formed crowdfunding model with intelligent hardware naturally occurring side by side、One pair of things common development,Relying on Taobao crowdfunding、Jingdong crowdfunding platforms,Grassroots mode、Venture intelligent hardware are well understood,And a certain sales volume in a short time。

but,This year the smart client hardware does not appear real outbreak,next year,Are the majority of users to pay in order to decide whether to enter the mainstream market,This will be the biggest suspense intelligent hardware next year。

6、The rise of female community

Mobile Internet era,APP various vertical areas born out,Around women's health Women APP also flourished。Typical such as the sudden rise of the United States in 2013 grapefruit,Make capital more attention to women's community areas。

2014year,Women community began to rise,A typical representative of the United States is still the grapefruit,Data from the market point of view,US grapefruit already have 10 categories、More than one hundred high active social circle,The amount of 2.1 million daily users posting posts,Community daily page views over one hundred million times,It has become the largest and most active women community。Quite mean,The history of the Internet,Almost every time the community has to attract women appear,For example 55bbs PC era;Electricity supplier shopping guide community mushroom Street、Beautiful says;Freaky maternal community help,Happy pregnancy, etc.。

Preference capital in 2014 to the mobile community,But also to various types of communities become the new trend of mobile Internet business。

7、Online education and online health care

Segments online education and online health are favored by investors in 2014。Chinese online education market since May 2014 since,Access to finance more than a dozen projects,The amount of investment reached 470 million US dollars occurrence,among them,Super curriculum、Lesson net transfer tens of millions of dollars financing。2015The market size will reach 120 billion yuan。

Online medical field agree favored capital。Just $ 70 million investment in Tencent Lilac Garden、1One hundred million US dollars investment registered net collar。

8、Broadcasting and TV boxes storm

On the market nearly two years of development of savage TV box,This year is very sad reminder,Almost all were locked up in a "box"。

6month,SARFT began strict supervision of Internet TV Box,Halt Internet TV box video client resources;9month,SARFT to require all video sites TV APP shelves,Doing so will cancel its Internet audio-visual license,And stop the server。

10month,Former editor in chief Chen Tong Sina home,Lei Jun is to hire,Millet responsible for the company's content-related work,In the context of this policy,It is unknown。

9、Nora and subtitles group lost

2014year,Some Internet service also told us a say Good bye。

4month,Nora announced the original content from the technology transition,To do this will clean and vulgar content involving pirated content,Close qvod server,Stop technology based on Nora VOD and downloads,This makes users no longer enjoy fast seeding sub brings the fun of movie download。

11January 22,Subtitles famous website announced the closure Subscene,All TV (referred to everyone) page can also enter the "clean-up phase",The next day,Many stations have announced to suspend update caption,"US drama Goodbye" has become a topic of hot microblogging,This is so like the US drama、Netizens foreign films tears。

10、Short Video

2014year,Short video coming era social circle of friends。First, the United States and beautifully shot video in the circle of friends spread,Mito Xiu Xiu Release 10 seconds in the large can shoot short video,The world's first MV effects,Common video one second Korean aesthetic transfiguration、清新 MV、Nostalgic movie capture all of a sudden a lot of love for the creation of new things women love heart,In the circle of friends have sun Creation,2014In May the global iOS app download chart,The United States ranked first beat downloads,Swept Asia。

Then in September,Micro-letter launched a short video capabilities,Advocating authentic commemorative video,thereby,Short Video With "social" also began to usher in the explosive。


Before,The Internet is a minority pastime things;This 20 years,With its ubiquitous,It even had a chance to experience the feeling of line,It is already ubiquitous。More and more new term was coined,Some were destroyed in the data stream,Some people were by word of mouth - and now,Internet people usually turn deep into the life of every object inside a,artificial intelligence、Everything Internet,Internet is no longer fiction movie microblogging letter,It has a variety of industries such as manufacturing、agriculture、Medical、education、Traffic has produced a far-reaching impact。no doubt,Such a trend the next few years there will be no weakening,Looks,Sci-fi movie scene there are always a few will appear in front of you and I。


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