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Why VMware ESXi 5.5 on Windows 2003 client connection error?

Recently understand what virtualization,So, if you build a environment,During the installationvsphere clientWhen the connection to the server,Because other structures on hand before the rest of the environmentwin2003Virtual Machine,To save time I did not go to the new 2008 virtual machine,Result in the installation may prompt unsuccessful connection。

Results After installation is really successful!

Later found official explanation,Is such that:[……]

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About All in One of GNS3 prompt "Analyzing dynamips version failed" solution

The first run on a Windows systemAll in One的GNS3when,Have a variety of configurations setup wizard,In the testdynamipsWhen prone to "Analyzing dynamips version fails"Prompt,A lot of people stuck in here at a loss。- I have encountered this problem。

Out of the Internet,Find information related to a good few,It was agreed that as long as the installedwinpcapEverything will be fine[……]

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Prohibit running cmd on computer solutions

I wrote this beforeFrom the "crack field pole electronic classroom" experience in mindandHow easy it is to mention the right to limit the authority of the computer? These two articles,Inside it is mentioned for the cmd disable computer problems。

So I try to do with a bat batch mode command,But sometimes just in a hurry to run some command cmd,So for a limited computer cmd really annoying,then,I found a way,Batch with bat[……]

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Windows automatically maintained kill 8!

Windows 8 will automatically set the so-called maintenance time and free time,This allows even installed in a virtual machine using Windows 8, I can not stand。

Always quick fan blew up,This is sometimes used battery run books for me as people really bear in mind one。

In fact, I think,This is the background quietly perform maintenance or housekeeping so-called medical system 360,By the way do not tell you finished[……]

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FATAL ERROR : No Free Memory for XSDT

I useMacBook Pro ,Therefore, the use of online banking is very convenient,Or use a virtual machine to install a XP occasionally used to pay for online shopping。

Later, the more we use the more xp really bloated,Later also to consider long-term,Or from the Wei Feng, broke a streamlined Win7 stuffed inside the PD,The Win7 Professional Edition,I do not know install flagship I have not encountered this problem ah,Is activated when the card


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About wallproxy appears Error code 502 error solution

About bypass the heavenly,I've used a lot of ways,Including a door or something,Later coincidence found a GAE project

Many people say that there are problems,Probably because the spread of the Internet is relatively older version of it,反正我是当时第一时间升级了新版的╮(╯▽╰)╭

Later set up multiple app encountered this problem,When the question was not really seen,Always I thought it was the reason the site ...... because over time you can see[……]

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