For the correct AD user password can not log vCenter Web Client solutions

In the build a good vCenter Web Client,And registered vCenter Server after that,Open the appropriate Administration page with a browser,It was found in any case not log on,prompt"Invalid credentials provided”。

Finally log in on the still blank,Apparently without permission of the account,View full name of the account,That actually is the host vCenter installation of a local administrator account (forgive my brain capacity is small bar,I put all the administrator administrator accounts are set up with a password ......)

My Server is installed separately joined to a domain controller in theWindows 2008 R2Host on the server,Also set the correct domain administrator account,Login I'm sure there are no typos,But why?

Use is not recommended to change the old version of Client log,It was found suggesting either "Do not have permission"Or it is"Since the user name and password is not correct ......"It seems really still and account relationship。(Later, I installed Client in the local server,It has also prompted no authority,I had a sweat ah。。。)

After verification found,inThe latest version 5.5 (version 5.1 later) vSphere in,used SSO This service,If at the time of installation of careless like you and me all the way acquiesced,Well actually now able to have permission to log on the account should be the SSO service administrator account,should be……


It is this account! Then the password is the password you were set,That is the highest password complexity requirements -

All right,This problem has troubled me an hour ...... ah,solved,Record Kazakhstan,Online help on this issue is still very little,It seems not many people you meet,I wrote here hope for your help。

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