winform using video as a window background

A recent project on Windows,Customer requirements to do the "flip" a little,So,Dynamic window background is always essential content (such as mobile phones qq login screen, right?

I thought this is a very easy to implement functionality so keen on the idea down ...... yes,In winform in,Not so easy to achieve the effect you want the。

Of course,We think that if you want to play video[……]

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A random number in C #

During the development time,You will inevitably use a random number。And still more when,We need to generate a series of random numbers numeric string spare。Fortunately, however, a variety of programming language provides a simple and easy to use pseudo-random number generator for your use,For example, in the C # Random

but,C # is the default system clock Random seed - this method is simple and crude,Unfortunately, the event generated a lot over a short time[……]

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