About Installing vCenter environment in a non-domain controller solution

During the installationvCenterwhen,In earlier versions it is generally to tie the domain controller? To complete,That has joined a domain and non-domain controller computer up to install vCenter,of course,Deployed to the ESXi hostapplianceThis is not within the scope of。

In vSphere 5.1 and later versions of them,VMware introduced a new service,This service is now also seem to most people criticized,That issign inSingle Sigh Onservice,That SSO),After using this system installed Web Client default login account is also no longer the domain administrator account,But the defaultadministrator@vsphere.localDomain administrator account (I hope you remember to install SSO when setting the administrator password -

Use vCenter Single Sign On for authentication allows various software components through vSphere security token exchange mechanism to communicate with each other,So that the VMware cloud infrastructure platform more secure。

With respect to our personal use or small business enterprises,Entirely in less than these large platform technologies,Even said,This technique is also a domain controller does not really need,It is not possibleCan not afford a domain controllerOnly a few manage my virtual machine through the SSO poor it?

The answer is yes,You can not use the same domain controllerIn a Windows 2008 VCenter Server R2 deployed on the server,But you will receive this prompt when you install the SSO

The machine is not joined to a domain environment、You will use this machine IP ......

Ignored warning proceed with the installation,The problem is the next Web Client is no way to join the local SSO,No matter what you write will not address,Because this registration still need to achieve with the FQDN。So,This time we need a server role inSeparate from DNSservice,thenFill in the local network adapter DNS addressThe local IP address,Then in the DNSAdding reverse lookup,againAdd the root pointer and parseEnough。

Such,FQDN of the machine can resolve properly,vCenter range of services will also be able to deploy and start a normal。Throughout the process,It is not a domain controller。

On how to add analytic,I will write laterA detailed tutorialof。

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