Design three elements:The virtue of what independent developers to seize the user's heart?

China's Internet is monopoly,Most Internet users daily access are not escape those few manufacturers of service,Another point of view,They do not require services outside of these manufacturers。Because daily Internet services are monopolized by manufacturers,As an independent developer,You do not have enough human and material resources,Not thinking focus、Research does not expect users,The temerity to contend against the wind and manufacturers,So the next failure is inevitable。

Previous articleWe discussed the importance of market segmentation for independent developers,So this time we take a look,No money, no team did a designer of independent developers,How firmly grasp the user's heart,To find a foothold in the monopoly of the ocean。

Personalized and independent highlight

We said,Today's Internet pay attention to personality,Like an adolescent boy,Like looking different in the same。"Personalized" here does not refer to a Baidu input method can change the number of skin,Nor does it mean how many message can change the font in QQ,It should be noted Friends,We are called to discuss the "user"group,Rather than a user of the personal,So this so-called personalization,Also refers to the brand、software,Rather than software or app is a feature。

So the,The software you want to stand out in a sea of ​​app,Definitely not rely on advertising、Promotion and luck,Applications must be independent developer of distinctive character,The angular,If you are bent on doing a software anyone can use,Then clearly,No reason for anyone to try it。

Design Psychology in the three levels

Here we digress to talk about basic concepts,In Emotional Design by Donald A. Norman ,Proposed a three-level design,That instinct level、And reflect on the behavior level hierarchy,Good product,This is inevitable in line with the three levels。for example:

Instinctive level is a human instinct,Human nature, the pursuit of beauty,For example, iPhone,It is very nice to do very fine,Said line also is a work of art,You see it at first glance feel good,Buy buy buy! This is the instinct Design,This is your first contact with a product of a trigger level,Good design,Chances are you bought a hot head,Bad design,Maybe you are not willing to touch it in depth。

Behavioral level here actually refers to subconscious behavior,What is good behavior design? We take Android and iOS do more,The two phones at the same time to recommend to your parents grandparents,If they will eventually learn to operate one of them,Then it must be iPhone。(Probabilistically speaking),This is an excellent behavioral design。For example, the store door,Many cargo door is not a two-way channel of,So good design should pull side mounted handle,And do not push one side (such as McDonald's),Trust me,But encountered a way to open the door on both sides of the door handle when your mood and must eat flies。

The reflective design,Is a delay things happen,This is the most complex design,The least direct,It is determined by a number of levels,Even this is not your own product,For example, you bought an iPhone ,At the time, it is a hot head,But the heat will eventually subside after you are familiar with iPhone,Then,Do you regret it? finally,You agree its value, AppStore so much software,Clear and sharp retinal camera screen,It has numerous reasons to feel value。Etc. This phone is broken,Your iPhone will buy it? Likely,why? Because you think apple is a great company,How how good their design,How how fast hardware,You use this phone,You will also feel that they have a design on the pursuit of beauty it? This is designed to reflect,It is not a reflection of the designer,But after users in the use of the product,The resulting self-esteem。

Here it is necessary to explain the social psychology of "self-esteem" concept,The so-called self-esteem,In fact, a person feel how good,How honest Cock how how good etc etc ...... you can think of a series of positive adjectives - this is a person's self-esteem。generally speaking,People all want to be in this series ranked higher valuation,If you hurt a person's self-esteem,That you make him feel inferior to his own expectations in some way so good;Instead,That you let him feel better in certain areas。
We're talking to reflect design,Chengdu is largely in trying to make the user feel better and more regressed in some ways a more Cock。

This is the easiest of these three levels of interpretation,Then,We might as well be applied to these three levels of software product designs,It is not impossible。

Visceral design

This is probably the easiest one level,But for most independent developers,But it is the hardest part。Simple is simple you just need a good in painting application interface,Icon design beautiful,No problem。People tend to try a beautiful interface、Complete applications with high,Design reminiscent of 10 years ago,Often feature occasional failures of software crashes,I think no one will give you praise。

It is noteworthy that,There really is a game app ,Grounds for refusal shelves AppStore game interface is ugly。

More than others

I know,As an independent developer,Your career is most likely not a "professional graphic designers regressed" or "world-renowned CG artists",So I will not force you to draw a cute icon,If you have relevant industry friends,That is good,No it does not matter,Future, your users will have (this relates to the independent developersHow effective use of their resourcesThe problem,Here do not speak),In short,You do not create something new software icon,Our independence is no need to use this to show,The only requirement is consistent with the system design language,Neat and clean。- This is a very broad standard,But absolutely no one hates,Consistent with the system design language,This icon might not look good,But it is definitely one of the most engaging,It was not because of your icons and hate you。Other,We are speaking in terms of probability,If you're not a famous designer experienced Niubi,Then I believe its mobile operating system designers the ability to right,Follow their lead,At least not wrong。

So empathy,Your application interface,If it is a game I do not do evaluation,If it is functional,If you do not artistic background,So consistent style selection and system design language,Should be able to get a lot of praise - at least like native-style user will give you praise,What other users,That does not give you negative feedback。

Finished contradiction design,So let's talk about how to do a bit more than others。

chicken soup:Successful people are always willing to do more than others、Pay a little more。

The power of the so-called details,you think,Users never heard of your software,You also heard,He accidentally opened your app's sales page,What do you do to win him the "like"、"Interesting" instinct it? Application Screenshot have to have it,Simple P graphic it will add a little slogan,Description of Application,On Apple,It gave you a thousand word limit,You go to the store and see,There are few people willing to put it filled with?

Here are involvedOverall application completionThe problem,I continued digging of space limitations。

There is no light is very different,If the content is written more to impress people forget ......,I understand that most independent developers can not write articles very Bang Bang,So do not be a requirement。In short,These are the instincts on software design,These do,A new user can give a very safe feeling,Let him feel comfortable buying your software,In fact, this side can do more。

Behavior Design

Behavioral design edge here's difficult technically and not brains,For now mostly integrated application development system API,In fact, your UE、UX is difficult to have room for play,On the word,You can within the scope of software features suitable system functions are compatible with the API,It has been a very remarkable feat,This in itself greatly increased the degree of completion of the software,The same time,Again,Compliance with system design language,Absolutely wrong。

of course,If you have more creative design,A try,But remember,Your living expenses from its body to,Good ideas can first down,Wait until the independent development funds had positive cycle too late to try again。

Other,Fast iterative rapid response is almost independent developers a natural advantage,Giant huge project code complexity,Wants to chase new features to new compatible systems is an almost impossible thing,Independent developers should make maximum use of their strengths,Software upgrade completion,In order to bring higher self-esteem to the user。

Reflection Design

From the article,Market segments where we say,"You developed software,Is there a reason to use user? ",If there is no,So you can put yourself out whether this project。Most of the above mentioned content,In fact, it can be counted as reflective design,Can be used to make a fuss,You are best to do a series of work in front of,So users to pay when your heart is recognized,This is a non-technical,Ordinary people do not understand the code of the most intuitive feel something workload。

"I was a serious work,In troubled times, the pursuit of people drifting free and independent development of payment products,I support him。"- the idea,You should be every user,Paying customers first voice of the heart,For a small minority group in,Probably,Your actions on behalf of their dreams。

The so-called "Passion"

In fact, that on the Internet the most "Passion"、"Craftsman spirit",Is itself a reflection,These products play such a slogan,The first time you just want to win sympathy,Let you reflect on advance,So as to enhance self-esteem - "If I buy this product,Then I would have become a 'feeling',Support 'artisan spirit' of people。"- this is designed to reflect,Cause your brain's dopamine,Ahead of an advance on your sense of accomplishment and self-esteem。

Any independent developer can become the "craftsman",This has "feelings":You have chosen a niche market segments of your favorite,For these people to develop software (I can not figure out why if you do not like to choose in this market segment),Itself is a very "feelings" thing! According to the system requires you to,Do their best to compatible systems of new features to enhance the degree of completion as possible,Rapid response to rapid iteration,Is not it called "artisan spirit" it?

But you should pay attention,If you do not say,Some people may not realize。Always remember,Boldly show your good,Excellent Your Software,Not because it's the fact that you say nothing。

Repeat strength

Now that is a market segment,Then we might as well make it more clear,I believe you have heard the truth cohesion to a point,Your best software can also be aimed at such a point,The point is not necessarily to be big,But it must be meaningful,Note that this refers to the higher level of significance。

Slogan input such pocketed Method:"To pay for security and privacy,It is a matter of pride。"The aim point is very small,Is security and privacy,It is the flagship does not get any permission。It's easy to win the user's attention now focused on the privacy and security of the times。Take another example of our "Chinese folk music online" app, for example child,We can say:"In this flood of saliva song in the world,Support a folk singer,You can speak out。”

But our attention subtitle,"Repeat of power",You just say is of no use,This slogan is best not often change,To use a,Write your application in,Propaganda page on,Demo demo video,Everywhere,Let people remember it,Let your users the time recommended to others,Say is this sentence,Such,It will form a so-called "identity" between users,this isPrivateof,Distinct personalityof,Say these words,I do not know who can not read,I know people smile,well,Your reflection design reached。

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