Market segments:How independent developers that determine the development project

As the saying goes,A good beginning is half the battle。
I find a lot of friends to chat,He says wants independent developers,Say you have an idea or project。And so they opened their mouths,I knew he was the end result is going to vote resume。

Many independent developers from the outset doomed (more likely than others) fail。 Why do you say? Many developers try to do independent development,Finally, you find yourself doing the app with no one。Eventually leading to frustrated,Back office。

Independent developers and companies to develop different,You do independent development,Then you are a person must wear many hats,But the most essential "How to develop a software"outer,You have to be able to operate、Energy management、Marketing can、Can art、Can copy etc etc ...... so basically a "A person's company”。

So,Taking into account that we are "a people's company.",Your money is not enough,Manpower shortage,Make a long-term plan of operations is certainly the worst kind app。

Now,We talk about,As an independent developer,What app from the start to be able to let you get enough revenue to maintain the independent development。

On the current Internet,We are talking,Demographic dividend is not so big,Drained exhausted。So has anyone thought what is the demographic dividend? In fact, that is,Internet-savvy group of people,Or that our generation is gradually took to the community,And then to become a mainstream consumer societies,And this group of people,Do not have much access to the Internet is not yet a。These people are more profound awareness of the Internet,Just like people on the refrigerator、Like washing machine,The commonplace,You look for investors,That people do not invest in your project and because of the "Internet" take sides put money on the fall。- Look on the bright side,It is because of the acceptance of the Internet,People are willing to pay for quality content or a service。

For example, the Internet is now very popular "a reward" such behavior,In fact, a post-paid premium content behavior,Many users are willing to pay for their favorite article (here also it relates to reflect user behavior,We talk about follow-up);Another example of this was a lot of free input method is now joining seeking a reward entry,I believe that soon they will consider a paid version ...... rely on advertising revenue,I do not think it can earn enough pocket money,Let alone rely on him to full-time work。

So when we understand the current situation of today's Internet,How to make a targeted deal with it?

Market segments

Independent developersFunds limited manpower shortage,In fact, they are very difficult to go toA wide range ofThe service users - at least the vast majority of independent developers do not have this capability。At the same time adapted to the vast majority of people something,Certainly not a good thing。A belt tight Baba independent developers,Where is the money to develop one million、Million level of the project? Realistic,As a person,Start small in fact, is a more practical choice。

Now willing to quality service、Internet users pay for content gradually to take to the mainstream of society,Then the future of the Internet will eventually go in this aspect of development。However, users are willing to pay for content or services Why it? These things must certainly not something,Now the Internet is not something,Why are those who still want to buy you? From a market point of view,We just need to find a need in the luxury consumption,Looking for a small minority among the general public,Look for the same in different。

Take everyone not refuse a market - in terms of music (I'll use health care you have to say I bully people),You do a music radio app (I will not speak copyright issues),Some people do not end up using。

We look from the perspective of market analysis,You worked so hard,He made a nice、Easy to use online music software,Why is no one with a few months later? First of all,Your songs have always charge software、Local advertising,Because this is basically your life,This will be stuck out most of the users。

Although I say this unashamedly Internet users increasingly willing to pay for the content,But I can not say now is。This is a so-calledtrend

The remaining users will eventually realize watercress、Netease、QQ and other such online music app is easy to use than your whole song also - also for free! look,Your users will be so lost out。If you are unfortunate that rely on advertising revenue or membership,Then congratulations,You can consider going to vote resume the。

- this is a fact,You did an almost everyone lingua franca of the music app,Then died。Because you this app for users too broad,You are born dry, but manufacturers。Users do not have any reason to use your app,When you establish project,Must so consider:Users what reason I really give,Let them non-use my app not it?

Now let's change strategy,Give up most ordinary users do not want to pay,Then those forced lattice higher user、Willing to pay for legal music users like to listen to what song? For example,,Europe、Japanese descent、ballad? This side,We chose the last example child,How about Chinese folk? I'm not familiar with the music industry,But I still know,Things Chinese folk is not a very fire,But it has survived a handful of people in,People like it like the incredible,I do not like to think that is not music。

So you do online music app a special use for folk fans,Inside collect all (as much) folk music (the same,We assume that you finally solved the copyright issues),Now,You will find that although the sharp decline in the number of users,But your income is barely had arrived living expenses each month of the。 You see,We just put a for everyone with、No pay reason、Dry, but manufacturers app,He made a small number of people just to be,Perhaps the market online to listen to a lot of music software,But it specializes in folk on the few,It is subdivided into Chinese folk do? Koko。

Now the Chinese Internet is just like a sensible xiaonianqing,A wide variety of users,Everyone has reasons for the Internet but are not all the same,They hope to find different friends of their own in the vast sea。

Look different in the same years,So small indeed fortunate to survive,survive,It is the first step in the development of independent。There are many examples like the ballad of the above app,In fact, if you carefully,You will find that there are too many small minority of direction over the Internet in fact is simply blank,Although these things very simple,Very small,But because manufacturers are born to the demographic dividend,They do not want to serve this part of the user,Then this is the direction for our independent developers,We can not afford to go in millions、Million level to provide users with so-called "free" service,But we have the ability to provide quality for these niche users、Stable good software,a softwear,Thousands of users,Four or five thousand fast income,Is no pressure。

Simple little way

Here I have a simple little way to determine whether your target market can provide enough income for you:
First of all,Your target market is definitely "people";
then,Preceded defining adjective,For example, people in school - students;The people who work - social groups;To others who see a doctor - a doctor ......
This is not enough,Careful again,For example, university students;In people writing code to work - Programmer;Open his own clinic doctor ......

This is not enough,To be more careful,For example, students at the University of entrepreneurship;Just go to work recruits programmers;Open his own clinic psychiatrist ......

It is not enough,Then carefully, For example, want to make their own app business of graduates;Just recruits have a steady income but not satisfied with their ability programmers;He made his own clinic psychiatrist counseling ......

Such a write side I think you will say:I rely,That such a person can have several!

Yes,It is less,These people are a small minority,They in society is so small and vulnerable,Just serve these people,We will be able to bring a good income for you,If it is high-quality、Stable service - for example, is a very efficient software,Then these minority groups will not just need to pay for their Internet it?


In fact,Factors affecting the income of full-time independent developers and many,In addition to selecting the right direction,On subsequent software development、Operations、After sales,All need to pay attention to the links,Behind Article,We chat together again,How to work hard in the software,What are the three elements of a piece of software is designed,How to use these three elements allows the users themselves happy - this is why the independent development of the most essential skills。

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