Swift is open source

Swift is now open source。Apple today launched the open source community Swift,New tools and resources include the same stunning:

  • Swift.org - A Swift used to do open source community site;
  • Public code repository github.com/apple
  • A new Swift Package Manager to easily share projects and compile code;
  • Swift comes with the advanced features of the kernel library project with a standards-based library;
  • Platform includes all of the Apple platform and Linux。

Now anyone can download the code and the compiler development team to see to what extent do。More interested in the project contribution to advanced developers can submit bug,Community involvement,And contribute their own fixes and enhancements to make Swift becomes more Niubi。For the development of products for the development of App Store,You should use the stable version of the Swift Xcode included,This is still demand submitted APP。


Swift.org Swift is an open source and new website。This site contains resources you want to help Swift iterative development community needed,Contribution repair,more importantly,Interaction with other people。Swift.org 包含:

  • Bug Reporting and Tracking System
  • Mailing Lists
  • Swift established for the project blog
  • Community Guidelines
  • Getting Started Overview
  • Contribution Guidelines
  • Swift Documents
  • Developers and API Design Guidelines

Swift.org local daily Swift engineering work,As a developer working with community,It Swift to new platform、Adding new features and continuing our favorite iteration of this language。


Apple has a new home on GitHub,coordinate github.com/apple Here you can find all the Swift project source code。Public Warehouses include Swift compiler,LLDB debugger and REPL,Standard and core libraries,Package Manager and other projects supported by the。

GitHub is already extremely popular among developers cooperation between。It can be easily read source code directly on the page,Or rapid detection code into your machine。And when you want to contribute a patch when,We accept the push request。

Swift Package Manager

Today we are on the same line a new project:Swift Package Manager。Early on the development of this project will be at the beginning as open source。Warehouse at a very early state,Then we define together a great package manager will look like and we can make it intuitive to use,Then give him enough power to cross-platform extension,Let Swift boomed。

Core Library

Apple's long-term framework provides a rich set of advanced features to provide a variety of software is often needed。Those frameworks such as Foundation、libdispatch and XCTest to make it easier to write complex programs,We want to determine who and when to develop skills to new Swift platform can be obtained with the same income。Whether it is to write an iPhone or Mac applications,Or to compile a new Linux cloud service,Swift core library will give you the code can rely on。


Open Source Swift runs on Mac,It is able to OS X,iOS,watchOS compiled application and tvOS。Swift.org also provides a Linux version of Swift,Fully compatible with Linux package management tool set includes support, LLDB debugger and REPL。We are looking forward to seeing the new local community to bring more Swift。As students and professionals to learn programming Swift, Each new platforms and use cases as they are in the entire technology industry, open new opportunities。

Start now

Swift is not difficult。Swift.org contains binary compiler and command line tools download,Including Apple and Linux platforms,So you can quickly begin。The latest version of Xcode supports an alternate tool chain options specifically designed to allow you to easily be able to try the latest version of Xcode source in the Swift。And Getting Started Guide Swift.org have regressed to bring you an overview of the whole set up the environment to use the open source Swift work process。

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