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Since I replaced the United States District Apple ID,Originally purchased the Surge will not be used again - of course,Now Surge also updated the new version,to me,Spend millions to buy an advanced network debugging tools and then simply used over the wall,Think I felt very stupid。

Fortunately,macOS version of the Surge 2 Authorization is still,After all, this does not follow Apple ID,I can continue to use。Surge future 2 Stop updating of the maintenance,I would consider continue to adhere to a few years to buy new。

In short,In the end iOS,I changed to Shadowrocket ,It was born as early as almost Surge,But specifically the sale agreement as a client,Obviously,As a very low price。Recently,It was a new shelves Quantumult,Positioning and Shadowrocket Almost unanimously,So I also bought,After use for some time,I'll be brief Report,As a practical user,At the developer's talk about these two app,And finally my conclusion。

Shadowrocket Screenshots

Quantumult Screenshots

Please note,This is not recommended app experience or comparison,Although the paper would inevitably be compared in function,But this article is not intended to and do a comprehensive and detailed evaluation comparison,And the contents of subjective bias。


Ok,As developer of Surge said,Play the game nor is it to spend money on skin,In short, Quantumult A set of new interface,This is compared to the iOS default style interface Shadowrocket Speaking,It gives a fresh feeling,Black unique style,For several years with the user who Shadowrocket,It has a unique instinct to attract (reference I have discussed "Design three elements”)。of course,Black interface also caused once after the novelty,You will feel very depressed,Fortunately, the author of iterations quickly,Quickly launched a new series of red (and then later the colors series,But need to use URL Scheme To open)。
Quantumult I made a very interesting interface running,It's rough location-based detection ip route and displayed on the map,This is very interesting,This is my favorite place Quantumult,For static Shadowrocket for,emmm,You know。

Having the advantages,And then talk about I have always said on Twitter "strange", Quantumult operating logic is very strange,Many places even iOS is a violation of languages ​​(or very rarely),For example, with respect to Shadowrocket subscription "subscribe" is called "favorite",For determining proxy "rule" is called "filter",UDP forwarding is not (can not) follow the proxy settings,Is an independent,This will lead to if you want to forward the UDP,So Sorry,You have to manually switch the forward line after switching agents,And Shadowrocket put this configuration is placed in the settings page,Direct called "UDP",Not careful you could not find the words to find,The default is the corresponding line,Alone can not configure the switch。

If you use the subscription ssr,So well,In the Quantumult,All subscribers are stacked together (not good mix) in a section just fills the。Shadowrocket is displayed directly in the home and in accordance with section distinguishes between different subscription,This makes it feels very intuitive,of course,The subscription on the top line I still do not know how this logic should understand - in short update subscriptions touches a lot of convenience,In contrast Quantumult is placed inside a favorite,Left plans need to click Update (I really studied ...... long time to find)?

As for speed,The Quantumult on a separate page "Statistics" in,Possible means of statistical results here every gun is? (Oh,Now it seems to have no historical data recorded ......) short,You need to go to a separate page click speed,Then in a sea of ​​their own to find the line in the fastest,Under its name record,Then return to the setup page "Servers" in selecting their own。

In the new version of the Quantumult,More than a "Switch" of the tab,The tab function is exhaled a pop-up window ...... (you see me say,Do no wrong,But use them very strange) to quickly switch the line in this window,Fortunately,Cumbersome process above can finally look to simplify certain extent,。

It did not bother the Shadowrocket,Just click on the home page speed,She was more then what line quickly enough with what。


After the discussion about several issues that caught my attention UE,Let us talk about more people care about functionality, Shadowrocket iterative years,Supported protocols are the most,The Quantumult only ss and ssr,Of course, most people use it enough,For example, I myself have never used before those agreements Shadowrocket offer ......
Here I feel the deeper point is - speed!
Yes, Quantumult My first impression is speed fast! fast! Coming no friends! Quantumult use different programs and Shadowrocket,It uses the http request to speed,The measured results are generally better than Shadowrocket of tcp or icmp slow,But closer to the real effect,Tcp The latter embodiment specifically described so I can not tell from the results of both speed using different schemes,After all, the same line, 50ms delay measured Shadowrocket,To Quantumult is about 200ms。But the speed is concurrent Quantumult,How many lines,On how many concurrent,One click,Get the results of time determined by the slowest of that line,Basically look like a,And the pain will be much Shadowrocket,Test results displayed directly in line behind the name is an advantage,However, due to refresh mechanisms leading to each of the speed you can not know the result in the end is the last thing this time,A lead time in the event of a refresh super slow or down the line of,We can only afford to stare at a small daisy daze ......

For import rules for, Shadowrocket support Surge rules, Quantumult actually support but no explanation,You can import Surge rules,Like the ability to read and automatically converted。It is worth mentioning that,Here Shadowrocket have a little feature I love,It can remember your url import rules,Because I made a black and white list is automatically updated weekly on GitHub,So I will from time to time on Shadowrocket can click Import to refresh the rules;As I can not Quantumult,Import is to import,If you need to refresh,Please re-importing completely removed。

Also worth mentioning is Shadowrocket also supports On Demand ,This is a function vpn,It allows you usually do not use the line,Only after a visit to a specific domain trigger vpn ,Then continue to visit。- Of course, I have not used this feature,I always have been open。


As a lot of people are talking about the stability of Shadowrocket,This I have not met, There is no doubt Shadowrocket bug,But I have met are acceptable vision problems,It did not affect the function itself,Frequent dropped calls and other problems not encountered。In my own feelings for, Shadowrocket and Quantumult at this point and there is no difference,Power consumption is also roughly equal,Of course, I never had time to turn on logging Shadowrocket,Had only opened a few minutes in special debugging time (proved futile)。

- It is worth mentioning that when using Shadowrocket I encountered the situation can not open the page,It may also be the so-called "break" issue to other users often encounter? Embodied speed is normal,But immediately after opening the page goes blank。When I encountered this problem mostly because DNS hung up,This time to replace the DNS settings in the ok,Probably due to the short time I Quantumult,And I did not encounter the same problem,This problem is also encountered in Surge。

The other is both Shadowrocket and Quantumult worth Tucao support automatic gun,But I never get to know how the gun is working,I expect them to as automatic guns like Surge and switch line,But apparently,Both do not work well (could also be how I did not get right too),So I can always open the corresponding app,Click on speed,Then to manually choose a network at a faster current line,During this process,Or Shadowrocket process is more direct number - complete everything in Home。In Quantumult in the statistics point to,And then point the gun,Then find the relatively fast,Remember the name,Line switching point,In the pop-up window to scroll to find the line ......


In addition to the above various kinds of spit out,One thing is undeniable - Shadowrocket has entered a stable period,Their authors and do not want to continue rapid iteration,Of course, in fact app functionality is also very easy to use;The Quantumult is still in the formative years of rapid iteration,The above may be all sorts of criticism when the next update will no longer exist - after all,A more active project gives a sense of security,Even if also slightly less than the current。

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  1. Excuse me,Free potatso lite you used it? Want to know the difference between no connection speed stability and the connections with the vpn the shadowrocket?

  2. Shadowrocket、Pepi(ShadowRay)、Kitsunebi、Potatso 2、Quantumult The app feels like the same company.。BTW I do not know whether the author heard SuperRocket?

  3. In fact, quan can write your own policies (POLICY),You can do the timing switched to speed and the fastest route,May be done in accordance with handover between nodes divided areas in different regions of the fastest node。Also commendable is the most speed function using the url reauest
    Speed ​​mode is closest to the actual use of。

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