Road Less Traveled:How independent developers that find resources

In fact, two months ago, this one should be written,However, there are some things to delay so they now。A few days ago to discuss the concept and friend to the independent development of the "small minority" of,I feel the need to further detailed definition of what。What independent developers do this minority is,The so-called market segmentation,Exactly how should subdivision。

Mind niche

When it comes to niche segments and,It may be the first impression a lot of people are those things nobody cares about, such as a handful of students in a small school needs,In some lawyer or needs work ...... Here we recallMarket segments:How independent developers that determine the development projectHe described "a ballad music player.",In fact, here we call segmentation and niche,It refers more spiritually,Or that a small minority of the soul。Not a group of people in an area of ​​real physical。That is why,"Mind small minority" of which some people,They do not have very distinct professional color,Also no age constraints,So that your "niche" software,You may have a variety of different age groups and social roles。

So this time we look back and think about,Your project has been designed in accordance with the concept of a small minority,Then its target user groups is not only a single role in society? There is only a single age group? if,So that you respect this minority,Subdivision wrong,--of course,This is what I suddenly realized that in the debate with friends,Here subdivision,Not a subdivision in physics,In fact, more is broken down in the pursuit of spiritual and。

Independent developer resources

Now,I have graduated three months,That is my full-time independent development of three months,But I independent development has been full for a year。The so-called independent development,Certainly not looking for a bunch of people collaborate to write code in the office,Everything everything myself,From design to realization,From planning to sales,Front-to-back,Which link had to personally get started。So,You are bound to encounter many difficulties,Many difficulties。So write this article,Mainly come and chat,As "a person's Studio",In this way a less traveled,How do you find your own resources。

search engine

Google is the world's largest electronic brain,With it you do not need a brain。Proper use of search engines is an excellent solution to the problem,Those who encounter problems,Go to search you may already have stepped up to help former pit,do not forget,You're not creating a new programming language,You do not develop in a knew of as,We are all mortal beings,You are not chosen by God that。So the,Your problems,It is likely to have met someone before you,And there are other people gives the answer,Do not rush to do to reach out party,First try to find their own experiences on the Internet。

Other (Independent) developers

Independent development itself is a road less traveled,You probably could not find another and you are exactly the same developer,For example, I myself,As far as I currently known,I still was the first graduate to do a full-time independent developers developers,No people like me。Most independent development of app developers in fact developed their own spare time;Or have worked for many years,Following the resignation of full-time to do independent development。The former is not worried about their survival,Realize that their ideals;The latter is found in his home after trial and error,But in the process which,Can not be ignored is that they have accumulated a network of contacts and relationships for themselves,That is what we call the resource。These are I do not have,It is likely,You are like me (after all,The total will not be worse, right? )

Obviously,Novice If there are a lot of seniors will easily lead the way,But you do not expect them to provide you with much technical help,Most still want to solve the problem yourself,They can only according to their own development experience to provide ideas for you。After all you do is a small minority,He probably is not in your division in the,Then his specific development experience probably useless to you,But in general,If you encounter problems on the technical concept,Then ask questions to your predecessors is a quick and easy way,Although they can not give you a solution, or code,But you may be able to take you to a keyword royal road to solve the problem。

In general,Most other independent developers is not so high cold,If you have a chance,To make it。

Your users

In fact, this is the most important to do independently developed,Few people care about the user's own software - although perhaps his software is free software,These developers are more concerned about the quality and functionality of its own software。Here I am referring to care means,Have you cared about your user groups are from what industry do? Here we must say in the above definition of "soul small minority" of,Probably a handful of people who are physically on the same industry,They share a common pursuit,But this is not a niche we hope to user groups,Ideal subdivision,It should be different industries who have a sense of common purpose,But these pursuits but not enough to cause a large company or even a small start-up companies of interest - such as I have said a "folk music player" chestnuts。Your Products,There will be people of all walks of life is also a small minority of people interested in buying and using,It may be that you never realize。Although your product forum、user group、Feedback the mail,These people have a common identity is your user,But after this mask,They have different social status,Have different industry backgrounds。

Once aware of this,You will find your contacts,Your resources,In fact, than in the company (even if it is big business) network of friends at work much broader。This is the advantage of independent developers,You as an independent developer,You develop software necessarily represent your personality,This is inevitable,It is a must - if you do not like it,It is not its first user,Why do you want to develop it do?

If other people bought your software,Become your loyal customers,So how could they hate How about you? and so,And multi-user communication is a very important thing,Not only is the software itself,You will get more meaningful feedback (actually been meaningless in most cases,But in general do not communicate to more than right),in life,You will also get more help。

I have encountered legal hooligans earlier this year,This is my motivation for going to write this series of articles on independent development,I worked inThink:Legal rogue popular today,Independent developers how to survive?I said that this matter,This is the first time I realized that I overlooked as an independent developer's greatest resource - users。

All right,This article is a long time,I do not want to put it into a paper to you,These are my along the way on this road and no one is taking a little life experience,Later you can hope for help。of course,I'm also still walking on this road,I also want to be able to go further。


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  1. For the user's description,I fully understood。It is the accumulation of the accumulation of the user itself to contacts in various industries,For the different sectors of human services,Understand everyone's needs,Continuously improve product quality to improve service。All this experience is simple to work writing code unmatched。

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    "your product,Among all walks of life will be the same niche loving people buy and use. "
    Should be
    "your product,It will be among the small minority of all walks of life have the same loving people to buy and use. "

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