Adding to the server ipv6 support through Apple's review

IOS app backend server to do,It needs to be done to support the ipv6,although 6 Almost do not use in China,Unfortunately Apple is now requiring all shelves app needs to support pure ipv6 network,So,At least our server to be up and running in under an environment ipv6。

Since most domestic server can not provide ipv6 network,So we can only find their own tunnel,Now it is used more widelyThis one,I also used their service,It is free,Registration look like。

After registration,Select the lower left "Create Regular Tunnel”,Creating a common tunnel,Natural ip address is outside the network address of your server,Create a place to choose the nearest "Hong Kong",The speed will be better。


Now,Back to configure your server: we /etc/sysctl.conf ,Locate the following three instead 0:

Then edit /etc/network/interfaces ,The following information is added at the end:

note,local field is ipv4 address of your internal network,For example, I was Ali cloud server,Then that Ali cloud network address otherwise unable to ping。

Where there<IPv6> You need to replace yourself as you just apply the Tunnel Server IPv6 Address,But does not include final ::1/64 。server and client are the same so we fill in just fine。

Configured server can restart after the,After restarting use ifup he-IPv6 Confirm tunnel start。

Then you can test the,use ping6 To test the configuration is correct。

Configuration parsing

In the HE site,Ns resolves to configure your server,For example, I use cloudxns,So I put the address to resolve cloudxns The proxy address。

Ns then log in to your website,Add to your server YYYY Resolve,Ipv6 address to your address,To resolve a domain with the same resolve your v4,Which resolved with which,For example, I will use the www,Then add www,It is noteworthy that the current domestic ns providers offer a special additional foreign channels,So you might have to default in addition to the domestic foreign,What also add "Overseas default"、"The United States default"、"Google default" like a lot。Add a few more,After all, Apple's father in the United States。

Wait for the configuration to take effect just fine,Then we can use the dig tool to test - here be careful not to use the default dns server cloud Ali,You may simply not find。

Use Google's public DNS test,If you see the contents of your record v6 address,It is ok,,Now you can try to go to those sites in the test online ping6。

配置 nginx

At last,You need to let nginx default support v6,Add in a corresponding domain name on your monitor:

Use the command nginx -t Confirm no problem, then,You can restart the service。

This time,Your website will be able to support ipv6 or api access and tested。


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  1. what,Server does not support ipv6 network can also da ......
    Apple will offer NAT64 and DNS64,So long as the server is not accessible directly through the ipv4 address,Ipv4 and does not depend on the specific things thousand million ......

    1. Now the question is very embarrassing,Screenshot of Apple because of an error to load content ............ half,If not load,Certainly all get out,But now ...... we own half the load test method Apple are normal,Fast mad。

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