Yum install open source package management tool developers death due to accident

For all systems administrator,Today the news is quite regrettable。Open source command line package management tool developer of yum Seth Vidal when riding a bicycle was hit by a car and killed,Age of 36。Currently the driver still escape。

Yum(Full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) Is anFedoraandRedHatas well asSUSECentOSThe front-end package manager Shell。based onRPMPackage Management,Can be automatically downloaded from the specified serverRPMAnd the installation package,Dependencies are automatically handled relations,And install all dependent packages,Again without cumbersome downloads、installation。

Below is a photograph of him:


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Monday night,YumPackage Manager main programmerSeth VidalWhen riding a bicycle on a road in North 卡杜尔汉姆 car was hit from behind,After the Duke University School of Medicine sentDied。The perpetrators fled the spot,But on Tuesday afternoonSurrendered to police。36Vidal-year-old working for Red Hat,Yum is the main developer of,CentOS and Fedora Extras have to contribute,Hobbies Cycling。

The perpetrator is 27-year-old Maceo Christopher Kemp Jr.,It has been revoked before his driver's license。Fedora Project releasedstatement,He praised him as a "great orator,Brilliant thinker,Witty,Humble and interesting ",He is a great loss to lose。

Here is a picture of the perpetrators



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