The method of manually generating yum repository Redhat6

In Redhat6 future systems will exist yum repositoryYum database manually generatedThis issue

And several previous versions of the database are automatically generated

May be mirrored with redhat6 about it .xml files and package files are not in a place that no detailed research to explore next time

First determine yum of these packages have been fitted

There areyum yum-updatesd yum-security yum-metadata-parser yum-rhh-pluginThese packages

QQ screenshot 20130429114102

Then mount your image to a directory or cp

Highly recommend to cp to directory,It is easy to use

Then it is toInstall createrepo generate the database

Inquiries about whether the successful installation will respond to the appropriate version number

Then there is theMost criticalStep

Use createrepo generate yum Universal DatabaseThe key here is generated when the database requires prior find this file in the mirror xxx.xml

Such a database is generated

/etc/yum.repo.d/xxx.repoBased on what you write file path to find the generated database file very easy to use yum

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