OC: Optical Carrier Optical Carrier

OC standard fiber cable is commonly used in today's networks set of standards,Readily not hurt to look at memory。

Optical Carrier (OC) is determined at a level many SONET fiber optic network of a group of signal bandwidth。It is usually expressed as OC-n,among them,n is a multiplication factor,It indicates basic rate is 51.84 Mbit / s the number of times。Currently defined standards:
OC-1 — 51.8 4Mbit/s
OC-3 — 155.52 Mbit/s
OC-12 — 622.08 Mbit/s
OC-24 — 1.244 Gbit/s
OC-48 — 2.488 Gbit/s
OC-96 — 4.976 Gbit/s
OC-192 — 9.953 Gbit/s
OC-256 — about 13 Gbit/s
OC-384 — about 20 Gbit/s
OC-768 — about 40 Gbit/s
OC-1536 — about 80 Gbit/s
OC-3072 — about 160 Gbit/s

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