About reload windows7 cover grub2 rehabilitation program

Your computer is not installedlinux + windows dual system? Debian linux is not your family? 7 is not a win?
Reinstall win7,Overwrite the grub2? win7 can not grub4dos? Unable to boot linux? New,perfect,Favorite linux only heavy equipment?
Do not! You are lucky,Perhaps before you have to do,But you see my article,You do not need it! Farewell reload,Like with windows7 boot linux,Repair off grub2,This,It's that simple!
Cough ...... above purely advertising Kazakhstan,Below that down to business。
Grace。Long time did not write the technical article,Hehe
A few days ago with a computer connected to the TV,win7 is not compatible,Then I had installed a XP Starter Edition,This can not be covered with a ghost,I had to use the installation version,Thus,win7 linux and have no access to,only left withntldr boot XP
How to get it back then? Here is the solution。of course,Mainly directed back linux,The ultimate goal is to return to the previous installation looks。
Note:This method is only applicable to the above said windows7 + linux,Under XP is not applicable,So,windows7 classmates blessed!
I only used the XP Link TV,Do not use other,So first is to return to common windows7,of course,Dad is mainly to play games again above,Hehe
This simple,First get bootsect.exe,(Download Here,click to download,If you can not download,Please leave a message to inform) I think the next hard disk installed windows7 students will,It is to put it in windows7 partition then execute
>bootsect.exe /nt60 sys
Thus the change in advance of the boot windows7,ntldr been killed,but,Aftermath is even later want to re-enter XP downgrade,nt50,gosh,In the boot windows7 added XP information but it will not boot
Then enter windows7,Next is the boot linux,Here I used the back door of the law ............
Now you can install on windows7,Then you'll windows7 hard disk installation Ubuntu9.10,To use is this! The author is replaced by grub4dos bootmgr,Because our flagship windows7 are used to break,So C drive must have grldr files,So,windows7 can not be installed grub4dos,Otherwise it will fail to crack,Actually,Our process will fail once in windows7,So,There is also a button to send blast cracked ~ 7 (Download Here,click to download,If you can not download,Please leave a message to inform) installed in accordance with crack file Method,Cover and back out related files,bootmgr grldr etc. grldr To delete or rename,Otherwise entrance。
win7 hard disk installation ubuntu9.10 file download
After the ready,You must modify the menu.lst file
Comment out this linesplashimage /linuxboot/grub/3.xpm This is the background goes Saobao,Very silent,Causes outrage
title 【2】启动Ubuntu9.10 liveCD on /dev/sda1(Here Enter into)

root (hd0,0)

kernel (hd0,0)/vmlinuz boot=casper noacpi iso-scan/filename=/ubuntu910.iso ro quiet splash

initrd (hd0,0)/initrd.lz
ModifytitleBehind the name change we want and change it
rootBehind your boot partition,If you have loaded / partitions under,That is linux partition,But tonote,It should be minus 1
kernelThe back of the kernel,And that partition should be the root behind the same,Name of the kernel depends on your computer the,I can not help you
You should understand initrd,Do the same。
Are removed kernel later,Then followed by the name of the kernel (with spaces) ro root =(hdx,Y)This partition is your real root partition,If you have installed another linux root,This should also be the same with the back of the root。
In short,After editing I was like this,My boot and then in a separate sda7
title [2]Linux Deepin Login LomyR
root (hd0,6)
kernel (hd0,6)/vmlinuz-2.6.31-19-generic ro root=(hd0,1)
initrd (hd0,6)/initrd.img-2.6.31-19-generic
After saving the restart entered the second choice in grub4dos,You will be able to guide the beloved linux slightly Haha
Enter linux,Work is not yet complete,Modify Delete hanging windows7 partition before after,restore。
Grace,Then open the terminal,enter
sudo grub-instal –root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda
in this way,Then again a dominant position referred to grub2,Haha
Then entersudo update-grub
Update,Let grub2 find all bootable system,,unfortunately,No XP
reboot,Look,Grub2 boot familiar interface back again ha ha ~
Enter windows7,If you are lucky break is not out,Out on the re-use of the above annex beat,OK to complete!
The only regret is that each must carry XP
bootsect.exe /nt50




This article was previously a small safe inside an article of Villas,Now it seems the only useful to a point,Technical strengths of,Hey,To come out。

I hope everyone has to help!

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