Why UNIX systems, such as the hidden directory to point at the beginning?

we all know,in Windows Hidden folders are invisible,They some system files,While others arevirus。If you have to display words,After warning system,You can be in the form of semi-transparent folder to see this folder,Systems in order to identify a folder is hidden,It has a "-s"Properties,Protected by the system。

So a lot of people are new to Linux、OSX,Will be very[……]

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Experience the official version of Deepin 2014.2

Last article we talked about fragmentedThe official version of Deepin 2014.2 virtual machine installation experience,Then there is the experience of reporting time,Because just installed,Talk about a feeling of it to get started,Then feel after long-term use of the route to see the situation reported good。

On the back said we just adjust the resolution,Then the system will pop-up update,Point to open a look,I found this

I opened the QQ try next,[……]

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Initialization OpenWRT configuration tutorial series

OpenWRT is a very powerful system! I,As a small white OP,Research journey began ...

First, look for installation,Topology as follows

ONWhat is the first boot configurations are not,So,First boot the computer with a network cable connectionONofROLLINGmouth,Then it will automatically get a192.168.1.0/24ofIPaddress,Because it is the initial configuration,YesNoWEBpage,So we can only[……]

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unix / linux programming study notes- Open file descriptors and function

To talk about unix / linux for file operations in these functions,These functions for linux basically meet our requirements in any document,
First talk about the open function
In linux you want to operate on the file must first open the file and then the corresponding processing,Why should we do it? That is because the process and not directly manipulate files between,To process the document operation[……]

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Linux storage of lvm (Logical Volume Manager) Logical Volume Manager (1)

First we need to understand why with LVM

Generally expand partition:Need to be adjacent。

advantage:LVM makes it easier to manage disk space。If the file system needs more space,Available space volume groups which may be assigned to a logical volume,And you can adjust the size of the file system。If a disk error began to appear,You may be replaced by a disk volume group registered as physical volumes,And the logical volume range can be migrated to a new disk。[……]

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How to install Linux under the C development environment


This article will guide you with detailed steps to deploy C-language development environment under Linux,Due to numerous Linux distributions,Specific circumstances vary,As used herein, the classic example of RHEL5。

Installation under Linux C development kit

Linux C development kit can be installed under the yum service,You can also use iso CD installation source files via the command rpm,Here use is[……]

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