How to install Linux under the C development environment


This article will guide you with detailed steps to deploy C-language development environment under Linux,Due to numerous Linux distributions,Specific circumstances vary,As used herein, the classic example of RHEL5。

Installation under Linux C development kit

Linux C development kit can be installed under the yum service,You can also use iso CD installation source files via the command rpm,Here use is[……]

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Yum install open source package management tool developers death due to accident

For all systems administrator,Today the news is quite regrettable。Open source command line package management tool developer of yum Seth Vidal when riding a bicycle was hit by a car and killed,Age of 36。Currently the driver still escape。

Yum(Full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) Is anFedoraandRedHatas well asSUSEThis[……]

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The method of manually generating yum repository Redhat6

In Redhat6 future systems will exist yum repositoryYum database manually generatedThis issue

And several previous versions of the database are automatically generated

May be mirrored with redhat6 about it .xml files and package files are not in a place that no detailed research to explore next time

First determine yum of these packages have been fitted

There areyum yum-upd[……]

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