No pause break key on the Mac book pro keyboard solutions

Latest update:Method Two Method Threeallunavailable!!!! The only way out of a tested so that ~

—————————(=。= It is not a test of a little late ah ......)


In a recent study CCNA routing Well,To practice what deployment routes,The first problem encountered is actually get rid of the password on the route ......

This simple,Minutes to get points,But the middle of the process caused by thinking routing:Because the practice is used in computer room,Get well,But the route they used a Mac,But not on Macpause/break键Yeah!

Later, Google's,The solution found there are a lot of really talented people ah ......!

The first method,This is a fellow raised,Cisco routing is aimed to get rid of the password method:

  • With 1200bps serial connection,That is screen /dev/tty.usbserial 1200,Then interrupt prompts are garbled or without prompting,Please ignore;
  • Restart the router,Hold down the spacebar,15 seconds,Still garbled,Continue to ignore;
  • Close your terminal window,Then the screen into the Process Manager to kill the process;
  • Open a terminal,Now normally connected,That is screen /dev/tty.usbserial 9600。At this time you should be prompted to enter the ROMMON,Continue your cracking process。

This method is usable visual,But this is not our intention,of course,At least work to continue。Let's look at the second method:


This approach is proposed on Cisco official website,However, the corresponding software that Z-Terminal route is not found hard to force,And,After testing this shortcutYou can not terminate the terminal command,That is,Do not break function。

The third method:

After my unremitting efforts,Finally found a break in the corresponding key in mbp,should be……


Haha,It is visually friends ~ This is myHerefound,Tested,Terminal command can be terminated,In particular can not be applied on the router,Can Reset Password,Yet to be actually detected,after all,Mac book pro no rs232 port,I had to buy a conversion head ...... then test ...... In short,I will give a series of records as soon as possible:)

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