OS X open RamDisk to accelerate as Safari and Xcode

With the upgrade version of Xcode,speedMore slowly,In particular, Yiyanbuge "Whiteboard"I believe we will have problems encountered。

This is the very thing affecting development efficiency。If it is possible,Then we will Xcode cache file into memory,It should be much faster speed。(Although rmbp of ssd have a very fast,But compared to memory,Or far worse -For mechanical hard drive[……]

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How to use the "Encrypted Folder" on OS X

Many people know Windows On a variety of encryption software can be downloaded,Cryptography Let's first large-scale machine and large organizations on an equal footing。

For example, the industryAES encryptionThe current situation is still very safe,in WindowsOn You may need to use some third-party software to achieve - for example, the easiest rar software can also achieve the basic encryption。But in my big OS X on,You can use the built-in magnetic[……]

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Avoid DNS leaks on OS X

Recently more and more high wall,With the relationship between fascism and the moon cake festival,Many also demolished the ladder。Even developers are also several ladders?,So,In addition to "How science online," this issue,"How to stay safe online," this issue has become more and more people can not be ignored。

I know all of you not only to use,It is a general use computer access,I think this issue should also receive attention。Everything you say in the network are your top[……]

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In OS X 10.11 Compiled Twister

Twister He is a famous anonymous to the center of the micro-blog system,It borrows as we know itBitcoinas well as P2P protocol,Let microblogging can no longer be deleted posts,This is an anti-censorship microblogging system。but,Its use at present may not be opened as simple as microblogging website login account to。In the local computer to install a pre-compiled client is a good choice - but OS X, not so easy to do,[……]

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To revisit the:ARDAgent.app security vulnerability

As early as in 2008,Apple's operating system is broke so a security incident。

That is the system program ARDAgent.app。This application is a system level,It has the highest level of authority - the root / administrator privileges。

That is,It do anything on the computer,They are permitted does not require,You do not need to know。This program is Ma[……]

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Yosemite open not start after Trim solutions

After the addition of the Yosemite beta program,Routing the first time to upgrade it,After upgrading to want to open at hand cheap trim,Okay, I admit that in fact is not turned on and basically not much difference between the actual feelings on,Forgive my obsessive-compulsive disorder。

Open this post in accordance with the dry,Very smooth process,The results were tragic

Restart the progress bar and hung up halfway,Display a white prohibit icon,Even cmd + s such a single-user mode can not be entered,The same white prohibit icon。I do not know the previous version, such as the Mavericks will likewise,But I think this should be the previously common white apple + unlimited chrysanthemum。[……]

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OSX in normal WIFI connection but still prompt can not connect to the Internet


In normal use,Sometimes all of a suddenMac WIFI icon turns grey,Then top showing an exclamation mark,Clicking on it you will see that it prompts you "Warn:No Internet connection』,This feature is excellent value,It let you do not need to wait to not open Web page, find lost Mac network connection。


of course,Bad news here,Sometimes you will find that even the icon appears,Warning letters in there[……]

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OS x core frequency switching method

What is a Turbo

Application response time processor complex,Can run automatically improveClockedTo speed,Easily to higher performance requirementsMulti-tasking;When task switching,If the memory and hard drive only during the main work,Processor immediately in a power saving state。This will ensure the efficient use of energy,But also make the program speed boost。By intelligently accelerateprocessorspeed,Thereby maximize performance based on application requirements,High[……]

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Mac OS X resolved socket.error: [Errno 48] Address already in use Port occupation problem


Using the GAE engine in OS x to science onlinegoagentorwallproxy,May occur during the boot process the following error then the service does not start successfully。


Actually it is because you have to start the same or similar services for the port,usually,In Ma[……]

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