[Turn] on OS X forgot password four kinds of solutions

  1. Use Apple ID to reset user account password
  2. Use OS X CD-ROM disk to reset a user U or account password
  3. Create a new administrator account to change the existing user account password
  4. Recovery mode terminal change the user account password

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Use Apple ID to reset user account password

As FIG.[……]

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No pause break key on the Mac book pro keyboard solutions

Latest update:Method Two Method Threeallunavailable!!!! The only way out of a tested so that ~

—————————(=。= It is not a test of a little late ah ......)


In a recent study CCNA routing Well,To practice what deployment routes,The first problem encountered is actually get rid of the password on the route ......

This simple,Minute minute[……]

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How to make the stack display highlight OS X system files?

Do you want to stack your dock on such an effect? In fact, the lion would have this effect presets,Just do not open,Now let's open it manually:

First, open the "Terminal" (Applications ->Utilities),Then enter the following command:

defaults write com.apple.dock mouse-over-hilite-sta[……]

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On how to open a text document in txt under mac OS X

Saying today to help DadDownload Fiction,Downloadedtxt text documentActually can not open! At first I thought it was hung up,Later found,Only need to open owntext editorPreferencesin,Open and storageOptions CaryPlain text file encodingSelected asChinese (GB 18030).。[……]

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