IT (Information Technology) and technical data (Data Technology)

As early as last year,DT concept was brought up,And I do not know has been。until today,Only occasionally learned。Quickly following google,Not only the amount of help sigh:I already can not keep up the trend。

We know that IT is short for Information Technology;So the name suggests DT,Data Technology is the abbreviation of the。

The thought of writing on a domestic computer science textbooks in the future is no longer "information Technology"But"Data Technology”,I felt a creepy。

He seems to be synonymous with today's Internet,But that's not all,All communication technologies are IT,It covers all those methods used to obtain information,For Internet,People passed from here、getting information。Here we should pay attention:Key people。


DT era has arrived,Internet began to promote its big data - and surprisingly few people are actually still concerned about its own security problems。When you retained enough information on the Internet,Then you can be digitized:who are you、Your likes and dislikes、Your behavior characteristics ...... this time we would say - light transmission and exchange of information is no longer enough,Our life is no longer based on the Internet as a medium,But the depth of the Internet among the - that,Limits Internet and life no longer visible,Both penetrate each other - you,Data is。

Well, this time,We say that maintains data provides data storage for your data - storage "you" of technology,Described as "Data Technology”。


Here we should pay attention:Focus is on the Internet。


That is,Unknowingly,Focus from our livespeople,Conversion tothe InternetAbove!

Now,Think about it,If one day,All your Internet account disappeared,Your microblogging、Your QQ、All your friends will vanish without trace - is not an overwhelming sense of panic from?Your friend is never met a stranger、The company you work on the other end of the earth、Your customers never met ......

With the Internet of Things、The rise of smart devices,It might someday lead to artificial intelligence suddenly quantitative qualitative change - that's without considering that never safe and ethical issues people mention - you nowhere to hide。


In the development of、In the design,We should take into account these security problems rather than resorting to third-party data agency after the incident。No one knows when this bubble will collapse - but that can be expected,Until then,A small security issues are enough to trigger huge losses。

A technology strong enough hackers,God can always become。


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