From the "crack field pole electronic classroom" experience in mind

Our classrooms are the control and management of polar domain of electronic classrooms,Sometimes really very depressed people。

On a lesson,Because I'm learning progress slightly faster,And Network Academy upgrade,So I do alone open question,In order to take a number and quickly receive the discount CCNA。School teacher in lecture,I need to open the hospital network with your computer (Suman we understand) then log in to the teacher to help open question,The key is this teacher may like to use the screen to broadcast lectures,This broadcast is what I naturally do not do the。Then asked the teacher to cancel broadcasting on my computer,The results of teacher training and preparation I am very chic sentence:You get rid of it, right out of it ...... ...... ...... get rid of it, right ........................


Oh damn! ! There is such a teacher? ! Last week with a routing practice time is so ah:"teacher,Password-ah,Router password how much ah? "The answer:"Your first task is to get rid of it password!"



Ok,In this case,I had to do it yourself。Let me simply say several ways to get rid of this kind of software,After all, not all schools are using this software。


I think,Now teaching basic or xp and 03,General application or learn more than it xp,We are all required 03,It iswindows server 2003,Although there win7 can choose,But they are required to enter the system 03。this point is very important,Because this system will have a tool that we need -Smart abc

Yes,You read,This is a smart abc input method abuses,This input method born with a bug,You text input box in any program,Smart abc fight any letter,Then press the left side of the key,Press delete,Then press the space,If you press the letter if not the v,Just press the backspace key;If v,I think now that the program has crashed launched。

I thought you might find how the input box in the domain of electronic classrooms inside the pole in trouble,I have here a way,Click to submit documents that function to the teacher,Then select the file,This time there are no text entry box Well ~

According to this idea,In this way you can get rid of any program oh ~


it is good,The second method:

I think you tried to use Task Manager to kill the electronic classroom,But the total is not OK,access denied! Yes,If you keep reading,It is set to the item in fact there is an option of,Is self-protection program ......

Ok,Let's try to get rid of it - using advanced methods。Here,We have to use the command interpreter,That is, we often say cmd.exe

it is good,Start + r,Enter cmd and press Enter,Enter the command in it


It appears at this time that all the processes running on the computer now,View their pid that column,turn upStudentMain.exeofpidFor example, it is 620

Then enter in cmd

ntsd -c q -p 620

Then press Enter,Very domain of electronic classrooms will be blown away:)(btw:ntsd system is a debugging tool,Only available to system development-level administrators,But we kill the process is very interesting. Basically WINDOWS system in addition to its own management process,ntsd can kill.)

If your computer is other management software,You can still find the corresponding process,Then get rid of it。

Then,We focused on this very field of electronic classroom management software say something more in-depth:Got its password

Practice has proved that,The software code in the computer registry is stored in plain text,Then we can find the password,See if there are other harvesting:)

Here's the problem you may encounter is the Registry Editor regedit this software can not be opened,You can try to put this located


A copy of the software to the desktop,thenIt changed its name to other names .exe。For example,123.exe,So maybe you can run, oh。

it is good,In short, you can edit the registry,(For example, with other registry editor like) then find the following address

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARETopDomaine-learning Class Standard1.00]

Looking at the inside UninstallPasswdThis one,inside PasswdAfter content,It isThe electronic classrooms passwordLa!

For example,,Content isPasswd123456,The password is123456

This time you can click on the domain of electronic classrooms extreme lower right corner of the screen,Click Settings,enter password,Into the managing Oh!

In the admin panel,You will find that self-preservation entry,Uncheck,Then use Task Manager to end easily:)

of course,This is not what we want,If your computer has a reduction card,I think you also like to get rid of these goods - or we put a game written to restore the card? So you do not have to install each school friends! The computer can not read U disk? Perhaps there will be other than harvest Oh!

A very careful study of the domain of electronic classrooms get your password,To see if there are laws,Ah, what the relevant example with the name of your school year ah ah someone phone number,It is not a weak password,If a pass is not the kind of design rules very powerful password,Then you can log in directly used to try to restore the card management interface Oh!

If there are some simple rules,Then you can try to manually try to match the rule,Anyway, there is no limit the number of errors,There is a general lesson out of it!

If you're lucky,In fact, in general it is like this,A whole will place all the required password is the password on the computer! ! and,The entire room,The entire floor of the room,We are all the password! (of course,Room may establish different time periods are different weak password,If there are rules,For example, in May inside a Year,It is easy to guess。)

If you are interested in and see here,I think you must have guessed it,Sure enough, here is the same route,A little vanity was great to meet ah!


A brief summary of this experience under,If security is a bucket of water, then how much can be loaded,Well, this certainly depends on how much water barrel the shortest piece of board,In this experience,It is this very domain of electronic classrooms barrel of the shortest piece of it。You may think nothing,If people get a password is ill-intentioned person,If he is, with a little hands and feet,It can make the whole building computer can not start,If he is dedicated to the reduction of the mirror or implanted in the back door viruses do? I think,Just change a password on a collective project is a large bar。In fact,Casks and water can not completely used to describe security,Especially information security,Because the barrel itself is not a safe thing。This experience also indicates that,All passwords are set to the same password is a matter of how things sucker,So the route to reflect a little bit,The results showed that I am also a pure sucker ...... In short,Password this thing has always been the invention of crimes against humanity,In fact, many times but no more secure password,why?

Google themselves to it ......


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    1. Other,ntsd comes with a new version of Windows is a debugging tool kit inside,What can not remember the name,Copy them alone may be mounted after。

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